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Difference between Administration and Supervision

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ethel salonica catiis

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Difference between Administration and Supervision

Represents the whole of the educational system
Emphasizes authority
Provides favorable conditions for effective teaching and learning
Decides, directs, and orders the execution of the educational program
Focuses on the school system as a whole
Represents a portion of the educational system
Emphasizes service
Carries out better operation and improving the same
Assists, advises, guides, and leads the operation and improvement of the educational program
Focuses on the students and the teaching-learning process
Administration encompasses supervision
Characteristics of Modern Administration and Supervision

recognizes the child and his growth
aims for the improvement
aims for the teachers' professional growth
utilizes group planning
integrates school activities with community projects
emphasizes human dignity
utilizes modern devices
practice democratic leadership
Difference between Administration and Supervision
Guides to School Organization, Administration, and Supervision

1. Constant study of the school organization plan
2. Recognition of the need for the participation
3. Empowering individual schools
4. Acknowledgment of the importance of the experiences of children and teachers
5. Identification and utilization of varied resources
6. Appreciation of individual personality.
Administration and Supervision are both functions inherent in any organizations
Supervision is subordinate to Administration
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