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CO Chapter Development

Visuals for videotaped interview of Susan Komis by David Myskens

Ronald Barnett

on 20 August 2010

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Transcript of CO Chapter Development

Contemplative Outreach
What is a Chapter? Who is a Coordinator? To Whom are Centering Prayer Workshops Offered? How Does One Become a Coordinator? What is the Purpose of a Chapter? How are Leadership Teams Formed? Is Training Available to Leadership? What is Servant-Leadership Is there Support for Chapters? How are Centering Prayer Groups Formed? What is a "Visioning" Process? Who Can We Contact for More Information? A contemplative community
formed those who desire to
share Centering Prayer with others A volunteer who coordinates the
activity and programs of a Chapater Chapters are usually invited
by local churches/organizations
to present the 7 Session Centering
Prayer Introduction A "prayerful discernment" process among members of a Chapter should determine the selection of a person willing to serve as Coordinator - the selected person is officially appointed by Contemplative Outreach To offer the "7 Session Introduction
to the Centering Prayer Practice" Formed by the Chapter Coordinator
for support and assistance The primary task of the Servant
Leader is to share their deepening
relationship with God with others
Fr. Thomas Keating A Resource Handbook and resource
materials for Chapter leadership are
accessible at the Contemplative Outreach
website intranet Participants who attend the Introductory
Program to Centering Prayer are invited
to form a Centering Prayer group Community members assesses the needs of the Chapter and plan for the future Yes. Training is available for those who wish to serve as Presenters, Facilitators, and on Chapter Leadership Teams David Muyskens
International Coordinator
jdmuysens@sbcglobal.net Contemplative Outreach
Community Circle of Service Operations
Team At-Large Faculty Pastoral
Council Extension
Internacional International
Team Chapter
Resource &
Services Gift
Committee Special
Projects Chapter Assist in Forming Forming Servant
Leaders Training Visioning Discernment Support
services Individuals Practicing
Centering Prayer Prayer Groups Leadership
Team Coordinator Trinity
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