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World geography project

Lauren Frommelt

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexico

Mexico The full name of our country is Estados Unidos
Mexicanos. It means the United States of Mexico. Mexico is in central America. The bordering
states are Texas and New Mexico. The body of water that borders Mexico is the Pacific Ocean. The Geographical features in Mexico are the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Capital city of Mexico is Mexico City. The climate of our country is warm or hot and the average temperature is 85 degrees. We did not find any countries Mexico colonized, but they were colonized by Spaniards (from Spain) In Mexico it is almost always above 75 degrees, the average temperature is 85 degrees. People and culture The population in Mexico is 114,975,406 and
the growth rate is 1.086 (2012 est.) The ethnicities that can be found in Mexico are
30% American, 60% Mestizo, and 9% white and the largest indigenous group is the Nahua. The languages spoken in Mexico
are, 28% English, 92% spanish, and
30% Portuguese . The religions practiced in Mexico are
76.5 Roman Catholic, 5.2% Protestant, 1.4% Pentecostal, 3.8% other, 13.8% unspecified, and 3.1% none. Mexico's "official" national sport is Charreada or
Chareadia, its a rodeo developed in Mexico . Also soccer is a big sport in Mexico, some of the teams are the Titanes from Bajio region, Labos Prepa from central Mexico, and Cintalapas from the south. Some celebrated holidays in Mexico are
Cinco De Mayo, Las posadas, Carnival, and
Dia De Le Indepencia. Government The government Mexico has is The Federal Union,
The state governments , and The municipal government. some traditional food from Mexico are:
1. Picadillo
2.Chile en Nogada
3.Poc Chuc
4.Chile Verde
6.Pibil Pollo
8.Carnitas The current president is Enrique Pena Nieto History *There was no evidence that they took
over any other countries. *Mexico was colonized by Spaniards Conflict Reasons people left Mexico are because slavery and other cultures taking over. Places that they left to go to are California and Texas. Before there final destination some stayed in refugee camps and other hosting countries. Interviews! *The assassination of Zapata: On April 10, 1919, rebel leader Emiliano Zapata, was set up, betrayed and assassinated in Chinameca.

* Zapata had been the moral conscience of the Mexican Revolution, fighting for land and freedom for the poorest Mexicans. some major events in Mexico's history are: Tiatelolco:
*On October 2, 1968, thousands of Mexican civilians and students gathered.

*the district of Tlatelolco to protest repressive government policies.

*forces opened fire on the unarmed protestors, resulting in the death of hundreds of civilians, marking one of the lowest points in Mexican History. DRINKS!!!!

The popular drink in Mexico are called Jarritos.
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