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What were Ancient Greek houses made out of?

About Ancient Greek

chandra rodrigue

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of What were Ancient Greek houses made out of?

What were Ancient Greek houses made out of?
Greek houses were single-story dwellings made of masonry stone and brick walls. The bricks were made of mud and hay.
How are Greek houses connected to our culture?
The children helped around the house like they do now. They had indiviuals rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, living space , bathroom, and storage. Some had second floors. Many of their walls were decorated. In some there was a heating system.
How are Greek houses different than us today?
Women were seperated from men's gatherings. Many activities and meals were eaten in the courtyard. They had homes built around a courtyard where they ate meals, visited, and hung out.

Were the houses of the rich and poor the same?
The houses of the rich and poor were made of mud bricks. The houses of the rich had a courtyard and were carefully built. The poor had simpler houses which always needed repairs.
What kinds of Greek houses are there?
The houses they lived in were simple, and basic. They also build temples, and other buildings where they did business and theaters.
How do they work in the house?
Greek women can leave their homes for a short time. The girls have to help around the house.




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