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Craveyard Cafe

No description

Anita Raghuraman

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Craveyard Cafe

Why Craveyard Cafe?
Exclusive menu at affordable pricing
Prime area
Scope for innovation
Seasoned chef
Product differentiation
A newbie in the industry
Multiple choices
Restricted Target audience
Take the Plunge
Improvisation of product line
Personalisation of the menu
Expansion to other markets
The Battle
Local competition
Established Hangouts and bakeries
Upcoming pastry shops
Street Fight
Crimson Chakra
That Madras Place
Adyar Fast food
Petta Wrap
Daawat - Briyani joint
Pizza Hut
Azurri Bay
Pastry Wars
Adyar Bakery
The Baker's Code
Mc rennet
Hot breads
The French Loaf
Cafe Coffee Day
Cake world
Donut House
Cup cakes Amore
Cup cake company
Home Bakers
Ad strategies
Social media campaigns
Combos/offers through print and social media
Expansion of the product line
In film branding
Create a USP
Word of mouth
Coupon inserts in newspapers
Craveyard Cafe
The Food Battle
Cup Cakes Amore
The Green Signal Restaurant
Sangeetha Hotel
Domino's Pizza
Sri Krishna Sweets
Grand Sweets and Snacks
Thank you :)
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