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Michelangelo's secrets in The Last Judgement

This presentation reveals some unknown details about Michelangelo's famous frescoe "The Last Judgement" located inside the Sistine Chapel right in the heart of the Vatican.

carlos quintana

on 25 July 2010

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Transcript of Michelangelo's secrets in The Last Judgement

The secrets of The Last Judgement Michelangelo's voice inside the Sistine Chapel.... The art of self-expression and freedom.... Saint Bartholomew's face (the figure with the beard) is that of Pietro Aretino, a famous pornographer of the Renaissance. Behind the Saint is Tommaso dei Cavalieri, Michelangelo's love at that time. A Phallic column whose symbolism is reinforced by the scrotum-like shape of the angel's back holding the column at the bottom. Now, it's time to see some details.... Men kissing on heaven... It's believed that the skin that holds Saint Bartholomew is a self-portrait of Michelangelo.
To the right side of the turbulent skin there are two men kissing. The whole scene represents the conflict the artist had with his own sexuality. The upsidedown body who is pushed to hell by an angel represents simony, an infamous practice through which the Church used to sell hierarchical positions. The figure has a bag with golden coins and the keys representing the Catholic church. This is one of the most aggresive accusations made by Michelangelo against the Church on this fresco. One of the most graphic images on The Last Judgement is the representation of Lust (sex without love). In this image, a demon is taking Lust to Hell from his testicles. Michelangelo's preference for the male body is quite evident on his female characters. Apart from the unnatural breasts, the figures are strongly masculine. A lot of people get upset when someone points these images to them... Bigotry is a nasty element of our human condition that Michelangelo didn't want to be ruled by... the evidence is there... right in front of your eyes... make your own conclusions.
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