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University Facilities

No description

Laken Bowlin

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of University Facilities

How to Search for a Reservation
How to Add/Edit Reservations
How to Reserve a Locker Space
Office of University Facilities
Working with APSU I.D.'s
Guidelines & Policies
Time Sheets
Student Worker Etiquette & Dress Code
Dress Code

Learning how to create, remake, and delete student I.D.s is a very important part of this job. As a student worker, one of your responsibilities is to create student I.D.s.
How to Make A New Student ID
How to Create a New Staff/Faculty ID
How to Report A Damaged/Lost ID
How to Create a Building Supervisor Badge
How to Create a Teaching Badge
How to Create A Nursing Badge
How to Create A Police Badge
How to Create a Chartwells Badge
How to Create a GCA (Custodial) Badge
Creating Different I.D.s
Knowing how to use each of the programs on the ID machine is important. There are certain precautions to take:
Do NOT create, delete, or change anything that you haven't been given permission to.
If you are ever doubtful of what you are about to do, STOP and ask Mrs. Hemmings.
Make sure that all the information you're given matches up, and do NOT allow anyone to see any other person's information.
The following set of videos are tutorials on how to create the different IDs you may encounter.
ID Machine Maintenance
The ID machine does require maintenance. When it runs out of Print Ribbon, Laminate, or needs to be cleaned, it is your job to be able to do this task. The following are the tutorials to do so.
How To Clean the Printer
The printer should be cleaned every time the Print Ribbon is changed. The following is how to clean the printer:
How to Change the Print Ribbon & Laminate
Working with Reservations
Student Worker Duties
Log into computer & EMS
Greet ALL customers as they come in.
Answer all phone calls.
Make ID's as necessary, but ask questions when concerned.
Check mail at 10 am and 2 pm.
Have copy & fax machine full of paper
Keep water container filled
When customers come in to pay for a reservation, there are a set of procedures to follow.
1. Get the receipt book from its designated location.
2. Ask the customer for the reservation number, and invoice. If they do not have the invoice, you will have to look it up.
3. Fill out the receipt as follows:
The Date Payment Recieved
Organization or Group Name on Resv.
Sign YOUR name here
Amount Paid
Reservation Number
Select which method of payment here.
If it is a check, please note the check #.
Here's an example:
Check # if Applicable
Student Life and Engagement
Twenty-five and 00/100
Resv # 090221
Check #5176
Billy Thorton
Empty shredder when needed
Go to cashier's window for deposit
Keep work area neat
Returned ID's should be checked to see if a replacement has been made. If it hasn't, e-mail the owner to notify them of the found property and log the ID into the lost ID log located on the desktop. There is also a link for the e-mail template.
Phone calls and office greetings should genuine.
When answering a phone call, you should say, "Good Afternoon/Morning, University Facilities Office, This is ____. How may I help you?"
Genuinely try to help the customer before directing their call.
This same greeting can be used for guests in the office. You could say, "Good morning/afternoon, How may I help you today?" Do what you can before directing them to anyone else.
Other duties as assigned
Pants/Jeans should be worn in a professional way (not ripped, frayed, low rise, or baggy)
All bottoms must be no shorter than three inches above the knee
All graphics/text on the clothing must not be pscene, profan, discriminatory, provocative, or inflammatory. No advertising alcoholic beverages, drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, or other universities/colleges.
No halter tops, bare midriff/back tops, see-through garments, tank tops/muscle shirts, low-cut blouses.
No pool/beach attire including beach sandals and thongs/flip flops.
No worn out athletic shoes.
No sweat suits, pants or yoga attire of ANY kind.
Student workers are seen by each customer that walks in the door. This office enjoys the reputation it has built itself and expects you to uphold that reputation.
This means being a friendly and courteous worker. It is because of these customers that you are able to work in the office.
Student workers should have a professional mindset while in the office.
Be on time, or early even! Being late 3 times will result in Termination.
Call Ins:
You must call in at least 2 hours before your shift. Any unexcused absence will result in termination.
Breaking Dress Code:
If you come to work dressed inappropriately, the office can send you home to change.
If you get sent home, that time lost will not count toward your shift.
Scholarship Students:
Clock in and out for each shift at the info desk using the bio-clock.
When your hours are complete, your supervisor will meet with you. This should not occur until Finals Week.
All Other Student Workers:
Clock in and out for each shift at the info desk using the bio-clock.
You will log your time in Onestop on your Time Sheet using a conversion chart. Your supervisor will show you how to do this.
Time sheets are submitted bi-weekly on Mondays at midnight. Missing this deadline will cause you to miss that pay period.
Video will be posted at a later date.
Video will be posted at a later date.
The EMS system is used to reserve spaces within the University Center and throughout campus.
Student workers are limited to what can be done on the EMS reservation system.
ALWAYS check with your supervisor before making any changes in the system.
The following videos give a short tutorial on what can be done with the reservation system.
Tools on Desktop
There are multiple tools located on the desktop to assist you including:
This tutorial
A campus map for when people ask for directions.
The Lost ID Log
Email draft for Lost IDs
Email draft for cleaning out lockers.
Other links may be added.
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