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Design Thinking - steps to becoming a young designer

Adapted for Middle School from the D-School Method

Scott Kley Contini

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Design Thinking - steps to becoming a young designer

Step 1: Empathize
Step 3: Ideate
Sketch 3-5 ways to meet your User's Needs
Step 2: Define
Scott Kley Contini
Dr. Abigail Joseph
MS Computer Science
Asst Director Instructional Technology
Share and Get Feedback
Choose the Winning Idea!
Find your BEST ideas
Why is that the Winner?
Step 4: Prototype
Step 5: Test
Dig Deeper
Capture Findings
Define Problem Statement
5 Sketches
Share Solutions & Capture Feedback
Generate new solution
Get Feedback
Build Solution
Design Thinking
First Interview:
Related to your Product / Project
Second Interview:
Dig Deeper
Define Problem Statement
needs a way to
describe Need
Capture Findings
What are the "needs" of your user?
What things MUST be included in your Design?
Sketches are quick + messy
Build your solution
Make a working model!
Share your solution and get feedback.
What could be improved...
What worked...
What does your user want?
What is the underlying expectation
the user has for the product?
look at your interview answers
Steps to becoming a young Designer
adapted from:
Gain Empathy
Record the user responses!
if you have time...
Target in on specific, personal, expectations.
you can look at this as a reminder of
what you are designing.
with this project / product.
get ideas OUT!
ask users to evaluate your ideas
make a note of the final decision factors
Have your user give you feedback!
review your
Problem Statement
keep Designing!
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