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Research Methods Lecture 11 Literature Review

No description

Courtney Thomas

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of Research Methods Lecture 11 Literature Review

Parts of a Lit Review
Different types of resources
Edited Volumes
Journal Articles
Peer Reviewed first
Newspaper/magazine articles
Laws, treaties, transcripts, interviews, documentaries, etc.
For EACH Resource
Formal citation
Summarize the thesis (argument)
Provide an overview of the methodology
Critique the methodology
Summarize conclusions
Critique conclusions
Evaluate how you will (or will not) use for a specific project
No more than 1 page each!
You have to know what resources you have, what they say, and what you still need
You need a way to organize your materials specifically with regard to a particular research project
You want to begin a database of resources that you can pull from later
How to Read
Be an ACTIVE reader
Highlight, make notes, insert your own observations, ask questions, etc.
Journal articles:
Start with the introduction and conclusion
Read the methodology. Several times.
Read the first and last sentences of each paragraph and determine if you need to read the middle
Read the footnotes and bibliography
What Is a Literature Review?
Overview of the literature
On your research topic (generally)
AND the resources you will use to answer your research question (specifically)
Annotated bibliography
Part of the "read everything" process
Research Methods
PSCI 2024
Winter 2017
Dr. Courtney Thomas
Lecture 11 Literature Review

Be Efficient
Do NOT repeat work
You will often be able to use the same resources for multiple projects
If you take good notes the first time you'll save yourself time in the long run
How to Read (Books)
Read the introductory chapter
Read the conclusion
Read the first section of each chapter
Read the chapter headlines
Look for relevant sub-headings
Read the first and last sentences, more if necessary
Read the last paragraph of each chapter
Look for quotations, statistics, keywords, etc.
Read with purpose re: research!
Literature Review for this course must include:
2 books (not edited volumes)
5 peer reviewed journal articles
5 newspaper/magazine articles
3 other resources (books, articles, surveys, etc.)
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