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Jennie Pyle

No description

Jennie Pyle

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Jennie Pyle

- I was born In Fort Worth Texas on October 24th, 1995.
-Parents names are, Betsy and Greg Pyle.
- Daniel is my only brother and he is 20 years old and goes to Texas State University. Jennie Marie Pyle
-Sweethearts is a club here at Round Rock High school and it's basically a community service club. We attend to many different things including the special olympics which is my favorite. We also put on the Winter Formal dance. SWEETHEARTS -I play volleyball at Round Rock High School. My freshman year I was on the JV team and my sophomore year I made varsity. I was the libero my sophomore year and this year being a junior I'm also the libero for the team.

- I also play club volleyball for Austin Performance. Last year we made it to the junior National tournament and we ended up placing 3rd! Volleyball I can see myself in two years from now going to Texas State University or A&M. Another option is choosing to play volleyball, but that would more then likely mean I would go to a smaller school.
If I end up going to Texas state I will probably attend the business school there... and from there i will get a job somewhere within business management. Life After High School... - My Favorite Things.. ALL ABOUT ME What I do in my free time.. I like to hangout with my friends and go to concerts. I also just got a puppy so i play with him! My family enjoys traveling. Some interesting places that we have been to are Mexico, Aruba, Colorado, Florida, and California. Facts about me.. My favorite color is orange. I have two dogs. I like to hunt and fish with my dad and brother. I also like to go shopping!
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