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The Full Circle

Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva Conventions of 1949

Carrie Thom

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The Full Circle

Carrie Thom
Period Five The Geneva Conventions of 1949 Major War Crimes Trials Medical Doctors Trials The Einsatzgruppen Trials Today Introduction Conclusion The First Convention The Second Convention The Third Convention The Fourth Convention Protects wounded and sick soldiers on land. Protects wounded and sick soldiers at sea. Applies to prisoners of war (POWs) Applies to civilians, including those in occupation. What are they? "The World Must Know What Happened, and Never Forget." 22 Defendants Three were aquitted (set free) Seven were given prison sentences Twelve were sentenced to death by hanging. 23 Defendants The Justice Trials 24 Defendants An artist's depiction of the Conventions. Other Trials at Nuremberg MILCH CASE
Year: 1947 FLICK CASE
Year: 1947-1948 HOSTAGE CASE
Year: 1947-1948 R.U.S.H.A. CASE
Year: 1947-1948 KRUPP CASE
Year: 1947-1948 MINISTRIES CASE
Year: 1948-1949 1st and 2nd 4th 3rd Language Barriers and Translating at the Trials EARLIER SYSTEMS HOW IT WORKED A SLOW AND STEADY SUCCESS The Palace of Justice, where the Trials were held. = Executed = Aquitted = Imprisoned = Commited Suicide What happened at the trials? What Were the Medical Doctors Trials? Eight were acquitted. Eight were imprisoned. Seven were sentenced to death. Experiments CATEGORY ONE EXPERIMENTS CATEGORY TWO EXPERIMENTS CATEGORY THREE EXPERIMENTS Where Do the Judges Fit Into the Third Reich? 16 Defendants FOUR WERE ACQUITTED TEN WERE IMPRISONED NONE RECIEVED THE DEATH SENTENCE Where Do the Einsatzgruppen Fit Into the Third Reich? They were all found guilty on one or more charge. THREE QUESTIONS 1) 2) 3) ARE WE FORGETTING? DO WE STILL FOLLOW THE CONVENTIONS? ARE WE, IN THE UNITED STATES, APPLYING THE CONVENTIONS SELECTIVELY? My Lai, Vietnam Guatemala Rwanda Syria Sierra Leone Georgia and Russia Rwanda versus Bosnia and Herzegovina Sudan, Sierra Leone, Other African Countries Six million accusers... All it takes is to know how to use it. You Have a Voice Trial of Adolf Eichmann The Courtroom The Full Circle: World War II to Today I WILL NOW TAKE ANY QUESTIONS. Guantanamo Bay VS.
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