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The Crucible

English 11

Samantha Troxell

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crucible

The Crucible Witch trails
1692 Breaking News Conflict And Irony? Obituaries Link to McCarthyism By: Stephanie Porhouse
Samantha Troxell
Orfrancis Ozuna
Josie Buchanan ACT 1 ACT 2 The witch trials started because of the girls. We found out that Proctor has committed adultery with Abigail. Some people that were accused confessed to witchcraft and others denied it. Those who denied it where hung. Elizabeth got accused of witchcraft by Abigail. Betty Parris and Sarah Good were lying in their beds not moving. Parris called in the doctor to see what was wrong with Betty and the doctor said there is no type of medicine that can help. Mr. Parris thought that Abigail was doing witch craft. Then everyone starts talking about the Devil. They called reverend Hale to see his opinion. ACT 3 John Proctor, Giles Corey and Francis Nurse went to court to defend their wives. They bring a list with names that says that their wives are not witches. Giles Corey brings another piece of evidence saying that Thomas Putnam told his daughter to condemn people to witchcraft. Then the court asked them who told him that and he refused to tell so they sent him to jail. Then Proctor said that they should believe Abby because he had committed adultery with her. ACT 4 A lot of people are in jail for witchcraft, when Abigail sees this she is scared and she leave town and took Parris's money. Hale returns to help the accused by suggesting that they should confess. He tries to convince Elizabeth to change Johns mind. Then Elizabeth makes Proctor change his mind so that he will confess, but when Proctor was in court Danforth told him that his confession will be nailed on the church door. That made Proctor furious so he changed his mind and died for it. Internal Conflict Situational Irony External Conflict Dramatic Irony Verbal Irony Abigail has a choice to make. She has to choose to tell everyone that she is faking all of this, because she loves John Proctor. Or to keep telling making up lies and not tell anyone what really happened with John and her. John Proctor has a problem with Abigail. John has to committed adultery with Abigail. So he has to chose to not want to ruin his name or go to jail. He tells the court but what he has done but to prove what he did was true his wife chooses to protect his name instead. When John Proctor tells the court that he has committed adultery and to prove it he says that Goody Proctor also knows about this. Then the court call her and makes her testify but she lies to protect John. But she didn't know that John told the court about his adultery. Hale tells the accused to confess even if they were innocent. This is ironic because those who are honest die and those who confess even though they are lying will live. When John Proctor tells Mary Warren that she is 18 now and doesn't have to go to bed now. But Proctor really means for her to go to bed now. False Accusations Both In the witch trails and in the red scare people were falsely accused. In both the crucible and the red scare people who were accused had to give names or go to jail for not telling the courts. Name that name ! People and Characters? The Crucible was made during the red scare. So the Crucible was a representation of the red scare. therefore the character and the people during the red scare are similar. The Hollywood ten were a the people in the crucible who didn't confess. Then the Abigail is McCarty and the courts are HUAC. Vocabulary game
2. to desire, especially to an excess degree.
4. a formal legal accusation, sharing the commission or omission of an act.
5. cunning; deceit; slyness.
6. useful, in a inferior capacity, to promote an end submissive.
13. unblemished; flawless; pure.
14. a false show or appearance, especially for the purpose of deceiving.
15. to escape or avoid, as by cleverness.

1. a feeling doubt, distrust or anxiety.
2. to endanger the reputation or interests of; to expose to suspicion.
3. to reprove or correct sharply.
7. morally low; dishonorable.
8. incompetently; awkward; clumsily.
9. undisturbed; calm.
10. evil; foul; repulsive; degrading.
11. lacking knowledge of the way of the world; unsophisticated innocent.
12. not open, direct, or obvious; crafty; sly. Abigail = Mr. & Mrs. Nurse, Elizabeth Proctor, Giles Corey & Martha Corey = Governor Danforth = He was a loving husband and father of three, he was a good christian who was always reliable and always helped the young girls in the town. Giles Corey Rebecca Nurse A loving husband of Martha Corey, he was elderly but a feisty farmer from Salem, famous for file law suits, he is a very godly man who was a good christian and a very sociable man. He will be greatly missed. She was the wife of Francis Nurse. She was a very godly woman who often acted as a midwife for the woman in town. Sadly her long meaningful life has came to an end after the court decided to hang her for the accusation of witchcraft. John Proctor work cited "Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker: Create Your Own Cross Word Puzzles!" Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker: Create Your Own Cross Word Puzzles! N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Oct. 2012. <http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/CrissCrossSetupForm.asp>.
Chin, Beverly Ann. The Crucible. Glencoe Literature. the Reader's Choice. New York, NY: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2002. N. pag. Print I'm reporter Orfrancis Ozuna here at Salem interviewing Elisabeth Proctor. Interview with Elisabeth . Q: How did you feel when you were accused?
A: I was not scared because I have never committed witchcraft.

Q: Did you know who accused you?
A: I always knew that Abigail didn't like me so I assumed that she accused me.

Q: When you were called into court, and asked the reason why to fired Abigail how did you feel.
A: I did know what was going on I thought that someone had accused John of adultery so I wanted to protect him but then I found out that he confessed it himself.

Q: Who took care of your three boys while you were in jail?
A: Mary Warren took care of the boys while i was in jail she was a true help and i really appreciated it.

Q: How did the witch trials end?
A: A little after Johns death. The people of the town were sick and tired of the courts, so they burned the courts down.

Q: Who would be your hero.
A: Well my hero will always be John. John Proctor. Tragic Hero John Proctor was a tragic hero because his death ended the witch trails. He couldn't prove the courts wrong because he had a bad past. He looked like a lair and a person that was with the devil.
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