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How Hunting Affects The Food Web

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sophie lees

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of How Hunting Affects The Food Web

By, Sophie Lees and Breyanna Lucier How Hunting Affects The Food We hunting the food chain Some animals that are in danger to be extinct and affect the food chain are the Chinese giant salamander, chimpanzees and gorillas, Chinook salmon, Bluefin tuna, Caribou, Fin whales, African forests elephants, Green sea turtles, River dolphins, Gaurs/seladangs, Ganges sharks, and many more. Could you imagine a world with`out these animals anymore because we humans couldn’t change our hunting habits before there gone for good. Once these animals are extinct they can’t come back witch would cause a huge reaction in the animals food chain witch could start to kill off more animals. random fact thank-you our presentation is about how our hunting animals is affecting theres and our food chain from killing animals till there almost extinct endangered animals Some ways to keep these animals and keep the animal food chain remaining the same are;
Too keep the hunting to a minimum
Stop hunting and brutally killing animals as a sport or for fun
Don’t go after the animals that are close to extinction
Don’t hunt animals we don’t need to eat
Sell more crops, vegetables, and fruits and a bit less meat
Breed more animals that are being hunted the most the caribou witch is on the Canadian quarter is an endangered hunting animal thank-you for watching and listening our presentation about hunting and how it affects the food chain. If you hunt too much of one animal, it will affect what the other animals eat, as you are affecting the numbers in a food chain. If you killed too many of an animal, nearly removing it from the food chain, other animals would have to feast on something else, or more of another animal in the food chain. This would affect the numbers and biomass of each of the steps in the food chain, and could affect the different types of animals in the food chain. Plus, if a lot of animals were hunted, leaving only a few left, the animals in the food chain would eat the rest of the species, causing extinction. Ways To Stop
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