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Conversations with Food

No description

Aubrey Wattellier

on 15 October 2017

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Transcript of Conversations with Food

Conversations with Food
by Mrs. Wattellier
Words that matter
delectable, beckoning, aroma, sugary, sweet, candy, butter, crumb, encircling, contemplating, delightful
Choosing a Flavor
When presented with a window of delectable treats,
colors of the rainbow all beckoning you to come closer,
It's hard to know exactly what to do.
Clearly, you step inside
And the
aroma hits you in the face
Oh, but it doesn't hurt.
Not one little bit.
If being hit in the face could be a
It is heaven.
sugary, sweet, scent swirling
through the air.
Candy and butter and crumb
encircling you in a tornado of delight.
mouth waters
contemplating the choice before you.
How to decide?
What a delightful problem to have to solve!
How to decide?
The happiest confusion I've faced!
How to decide?
I'll have one of each please!
Sensory details
colors of the rainbow, aroma hits you, sugary sweet scent, mouth waters
Free Verse Poem
topic c

happy and casual
Poetic techniques
sugary, sweet scent
How to decide

Present your poems using prezi. You will need to feature both poems, as well as break each poem down, explaining the techniques and elements you used.
Figurative language
colors beckon you
aroma hits you
It is heaven
encircling you in a tornado
This is a limerick. The mood of it is silly. I accomplished this by making the subject a piece of toast, which is a silly topic to write about.
I used the poetic technique of rhyming. The rhyme scheme is AABBA. I rhymed toast, ghost, and roast. I also rhymed down and brown.
I used descriptive language in two places. I used the word jammed instead of pushed. I also used "bread not yet toast."
I have two examples of figurative language. I have two similes: "white as a ghost" to describe the color of the toast and "buttered it like a lamb roast" to describe how much butter I used..
Specifically chosen words:

Favorite Snack
There once was bread not yet toast.
It looked as white as a ghost.
I jammed the lever down,
watched it turn brown,
and buttered it like a lamb roast.
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