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British North America Act, 1867

No description

Kyla Ridley

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of British North America Act, 1867

British North America Act, 1867
There's Always Gotta Be a Problem
Although it established a workable government system it did not prevent disputes
Disputes over taxation in broadcasting, and social policy
Everyone was in agreement that constitution had to be revised
Prime Minister (Pierre Trudeau) took up cause to action
New Endorsement agreement called The Constitution Act of 1982
The Constitution Act of 1982 added Charter rights and freedom
Quebec didnt sign constitution
Choice 3
Choice 4
What was the British North America Act, 1867?
Canada's fundamental law
passed by the British Parliament because that is who had authority over Canada
It determined the structure of government federal and provincial authorities
Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia wanted to be all one Dominon
There shall be one Parliament for Canada, consisting of the Queen, an Upper house styled the Senate and house of Commons
Queen still had executive power
Ultimately gave more power to the Parliament of Canada
A council to aid the government around the Queen desire's
Canada deemed to three divisions : Ontario, Quebec, and The Maritime provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
All up In It!
Mysteries of Canada
Canadian Encyclopedia
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