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Sustainable Raleigh 2013

No description

City of Raleigh

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Raleigh 2013

Sustainable Raleigh The Office of Sustainability provides guidance for policy development and goal setting for City of Raleigh (COR) based on three fundamental principles: Raleigh’s commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of its vision for the future. Created in 2008
Located in City Manager's Office
Work collaboratively with all other City departments
Partner with local businesses, universities,
private companies, and nonprofits Office of Sustainability "We are a 21st City of innovation focusing on environmental, cultural and economic sustainability." -City Council Mission Statement ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP Project Get Ready - Initiative to help U.S. cities prepare for mass roll-out of plug-in and electric vehicles Renewables - Photovoltaics, Solar energy, LED lighting, LEED-Silver certification Climate/Energy Action Plan SOCIAL EQUITY Green Buildings Training Program Sustainable Home Program Education & Outreach
Demonstrations & Give-aways
Energy efficiency, weatherization, water conservation, recycling, green cleaning, sustainable landscaping ECONOMIC STRENGTH Public and private partnerships Raleigh recognized as a smart grid hub U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement Sustainable purchasing policy Life-cycle Cost Analysis in capital projects Fuel consumption budget Buy Local initiative Green Building Training Program Destination for conferences and events, infusing $$ into local businesses Public and private partnerships Completed greenhouse gas emissions inventory Activities, Accolades & Achievements Raleigh named Nation's Most Sustainable Midsize Community 2011 Developed the Green Builders Certification Training Program to educate a skilled workforce in the green building and construction industry
450+ participants graduated from the Green Builders Certification Training Program
Home to one of nation's first two LEED Silver new construction Convention Centers Awarded by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Siemens Corporation
Prizes included $20,000 for purchase of trees
Major tree-planting event featured numerous local partners including property owners, elected officials, local businesses and university students Actions Achievements Raleigh - 1st LED City in the World Actions Achievements Partnered with CREE, Inc., a leading manufacturer of LEDs
Converting city lights in parks, on streets, in buildings and parking decks to LED
Provided political momentum to invest in LED, leading to savings for the City First beta test opportunity in the U.S. with early access to technology
City established leadership reputation
Encouraged investor-owned utility to offer LED tariff
Added jobs in the market during the recession
Saves City up to 40% on annual energy usage
Solar LEDs installed in parks, parking lots and other remote locations Solar LED street lights Raleigh skyline Raleigh Listed as a National Leader in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Actions Achievements One of first three U.S. cities to participate with Rocky Mountain Institute's "Project Get Ready" to prepare for national roll-out of PEVs
Installed 29 EV charging stations with federals dollars
Reduced/removed barriers to PEV adoption by addressing policy issues and offering training to industry professionals Only municipality nationwide to work on Center for Climate & Energy Solutions global report, "2012 EV City Casebook: A Look at the Global EV Movement"
First municipality nationwide to use Periscope software monitoring system to monitor use of EV charging stations
Streamlined permitting and inspections process for EVSE installation
Partnered with numerous local stakeholders to ensure success of EVSE installations Green Builders Certification Program Actions Achievements Developed program for construction industry in response to recession
Partnered with local university and technical college to host classes
Attracted national professionals as instructors
Educated a skilled workforce in the green building and construction industry Program nationally recognized by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Siemens Corporation
450+ participants graduated
Business start-ups and trained workers attract green industry relocations and increase tax base
Partners NC State University and Wake Technical Community College provide more advanced continuing education opportunities Blower Door Test Solar EV charging station City of Raleigh's LEED Certified Buildings Actions Achievements LEED Policy adopted by City Council
LEED Silver is now standard for new city buildings 10,000 sq. feet or greater
Gold or Platinum LEED rating to be sought where practical and funding available LEED Platinum Certified - Wilder's Grove Services Center is the nation's only integrated solid waste facility
LEED Platinum Certified - Raleigh Transit Facility is the nation's first integrated administration and maintenance facility
LEED Silver Certified - Raleigh Convention Center is one of the first two new construction convention centers nationwide Raleigh Convention Center Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversions & Infrastructure Actions Achievements City has 300+ alternative fuel vehicles among its fleet
Alternative fuels include propane, compressed natural gas, plug-in electric, electric, and biofuels (B5, B20 and E85)
75% of diesel fleet operates on biodiesel
City has 30+ hybrid vehicles Won a $100,000 federal grant to build a bio-diesel plant
Up-fitted 20 police cruisers to dual-fuel (propane and gasoline)
Installed charging/fueling infrastructure
Public Electric Vehicle
Compressed Natural Gas
Propane Propane tank installed in police vehicle Solar Arrays Actions Achievements Ten solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays installed
Three installations are 3rd party agreements where COR leases the land with option to purchase after seven years
Installed PVs produce 2.169 MW power =
kWh to power 224 NC homes annually
Savings of 104,306.929 gal. gasoline
Reduction of 2,069.157 metric tons of CO2 250 kW array at EM Johnson is 1st in Southeast U.S. to use thin-film PV technology, allowing longer daily electricity generation
500 kW array at RCC is 2nd largest convention center solar array in U.S.
1300 kW array at Neuse River Waste water Treatment Plant is 1st utility-scale solar power project located on local gov't. property in N.C. 500 kW solar array on RCC rooftop Sunflowers as Bio-Fuels Actions Achievements 2010 - planted 27 acres of sunflowers to process into biodiesel
Pursuing development of oilseed processing facility to displace 50% of diesel fuel annually with biodiesel
New 24-hour per day operation will process 32 sons of seed per month Received $100,000 grant to purchase processing equipment and begin biofuel production at Neuse River Waste Water Treatment Plant
Current sunflower processing yields 1,258 gallons of biodiesel
Will serve as a model training site for other municipalities
Partnership with the Biofuels Center of North Carolina Sunflowers planted to produce biodiesel BigBelly Solar Compactors Actions Achievements Installed 45 dual BigBelly trash/recycling units and 3 waste only units in downtown Raleigh and in parks/greenways
First wide-spread public recycling effort in Downtown Raleigh
Partnership with Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Glenwood South, various City departments Funded through a $150,000 federal grant
Initial projection: $38,000 annual savings in vehicle, labor and maintenance costs
$63 in reduced fees and material recovery for each ton of recyclables
Decrease trash collections trips by 80%
Saves fuel use, carbon emissions
Made in USA technology BigBelly Dual Unit Raleigh Rolls Out Recycling Carts Actions Achievements City uses 95-gallon roll carts instead of 18-gallon bins
Bi-weekly collection saves money and energy
More tons recycled reduces landfill an landfill costs
Larger carts are safer for recycling crews; reduces workman compensation claims Bi-weekly automated recycling collection program saved over $330,000 in first year
Bi-weekly program expected to save $2 million annually after transition is complete
More tons recycled increases City revenue from sale of recyclables. 95-gallon Recycle Roll Carts City of Raleigh Partnership Success Actions Achievements Each project has economic development component
Each project leverages Raleigh’s reputation as a
center of innovation
Positive press enhances reputations of the City, the
partners and the region as leaders in sustainability
Leveraged millions of 3rd party investment dollars
Projects with minimal public expenditures build
more political support Partnership business model leverages the City’s sustainability goals
Energy Efficiency projects
Completed Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projects
Numerous Smart Grid Projects
Alternative Fuels Projects
Green Building Projects Partnerships Paula Thomas,
Manager, Office of Sustainability
Paula.Thomas@raleighnc.gov Donna-maria Harris,
Communications Coordinator
Donna-maria.Harris@raleighnc.gov Contacts: Weblinks: Raleigh’s commitment to sustainability, the fundamental principals and initiatives

Sustainable Raleigh Map highlights the numerous initiatives related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental conservation and sustainability throughout the City

BigBelly Solar Trash & Recycling Compactors

Raleigh’s Recycling Carts

Biofuels Production

Conservation and Renewable Energy initiatives

Website to find this presentation on City of Raleigh Actions and Achievements
http://www.raleighnc.gov/environment/content/AdminServSustain/Articles/WhatRaleighIsDoing.html Questions
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