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Oil & Gas

No description

Ivan Duarte

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas
The economic and environmental effects of oil & gas.
The economy and oil
As we all know, the oil industry is one of the biggest business ever.
In 2009, the oil industry added $1 trillion dollars to the US economy
The oil industry and jobs
North Carolina is 13th in the country in terms of total people employed in the oil and gas industry
In 2011, an estimated 8.4 millions jobs were directly and indirectly supported by the oil industry
Impact of various parts of the oil industry
Impact of oil industry in North Carolina
Where off shore drilling stands in the US
The problems with offshore drilling
Potential of ruining beaches (the tourist industry is a trillion dollar industry).
Oil companies already have 5,500 leases of unused land.
The US needs to be more independent from oil.
Oil Spills
Impact on Economy
Oil spills effect fishing and tourist industries.
but where jobs are lost in these, jobs are also created to clean spills up.
Take example the BP oil spill in 2010
Causes of Oil Spills
Leaks- some oil may be stored in underground or aboveground storage tanks which may develop leaks over time
Transporting/Handling- accidental rupture of a transporting vessel (tanker ship or tanker truck by rough seas or hurricanes) or through usage of a pipeline that burst
Offshore Drilling
Routine Maintenance- cleaning off ships may cause oil to drain into navigable waters
More on oil pollution
Positive Effects of Oil Spills
Some natural oil spills that are caused by the movement of tectonic plates have been used to locate significant deposits of oil
Some microorganisms feed from natural oil seeps and help turn oil into carbon dioxide
Jobs are created to clean up oil
Negative Effects of Oil Spills
Plants: abosrb the oil, damaging them and the habitat
Prevention and recovery from oil spills
The creation of new laws should, but do not always, prevent new accidents from occurring. Such as a new law that states that in 2015, tankers are required to have double hulls.
The advancement of technology also helps improve the prevention of accidents such as GPS
Safety programs, such as inspections of tankers are put into effect to prevent spills
In the event of an oil spill, there are three ways in recovering from it:
Leaving it alone to break down naturally
Attempt to contain the spill using skimmer equipment
Biological agents can also be used to break up the oil in a process called bio-degradation
These are the genetically engineered bacteria that breaks down the oil after spills
Causes of Oil Spills (cont'd)
Road Runoff- oily road runoff adds up, especially on busy roads, and with precipitation, it can be carried around and build up in the environment
Intentional Oil Discharges- (a.k.a. we just don't care) from sewers/drainage from changing car oil, for example
Indirectly- through the burning of fuels, which includes vehicle emissions
Negative Effects (cont'd)
Animals: endanger or kill them by damaging their fur, which makes the more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and makes them less buoyant as well as by directly contaminating them
Negative Effects (cont'd)
Humans: Air pollution and by drinking water contamination, which can lead to birth defects and even death
That fish doooee
The wave talks about respect for the environment and its forces.
Connection to "The Wave"
The oil companies should to learn about different ways to extract oil from the earth without damaging the area around sites.
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