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The Relationship between a Navi and a Melech

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Tzippy Carl

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Relationship between a Navi and a Melech

Every king had a Navi
Examples: Shaul-- Shmuel
Dovid-- Natan
Achav-- Eliyahu
Chizkiyahu-- Yishayahu
A Navi is a messenger of Hashem and therefore has the ability to reprimand a king. However, every other person, such as a "roeh", is not allowed to rebuke the king unless it is done in a manner of respect for the king.
Why? What is the purpose?
The Navi's purpose is to reprimand the king if he sins or does something wrong. A king has a lot of kavod and he can possibly overlook his sins, so the Navi is there to watch over his actions and make sure he is doing everything correctly and to reprimand him if he does something wrong.
The Relationship between a Navi and Melech
The Relationship between a Navi and a Melech
according to the explanation of Sefer Mechtzeh Elyon, R' Yitzchak Sender
Why specifically a Navi? Why can't other people keep the king in line?
A Navi is the one who should repuke the king because he comes with G-dly ideas and with the will of Hashem. As opposed to the "roeh", who spoke to Achaz with his own mind and intellect and in anger, a Navi will reprimand the king as a messenger of Hashem and in a calm and respectful way.
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