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UK Insurance Innovation Labs

No description

Preya Jubraj

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of UK Insurance Innovation Labs

The Accenture Insurance Innovation Labs offers insurers in the UK and Europe a controlled environment where they can rapidly and cost-effectively prototype, launch and test digital insurance capabilities. This enables insurers to accelerate their time to market with innovations such as telematics, e-claims and mobile applications while lowering the risks of deploying untested solutions in their live environments.

Accenture UK has established the Insurance Innovation Lab as a microcosm environment where clients can rapidly launch digital insurance proof of concept projects. This provides insurers with a safe means of prototyping digital applications and solutions, benchmarking their successes and failures, and using the learning to develop industrialised offerings that solve the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Drawing on Accenture’s experience across a wide range of industries, the Lab offers clients a low-cost, low-risk way of experimenting with technologies such as telematics, mobile solutions and advanced analytics ahead of deploying them in their production environments. The Lab also leverages Accenture’s alliances with leading providers of telematics solutions, analytics and reporting software, and other technology services.

Insurance Technology Labs: Context and Overview
Accenture Technology Labs provide a microcosm environment to test, trial and launch insurance propositions with speed, develop industrialised offerings and solve the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.
Enhance the Accenture software suite product to improve relevance to UK market
Act as vehicle to address client feedback
Help test Digital Insurer Thought Leadership and future innovation (e.g. telematics, e-claims)
Use as vehicle to upskill Technology resources on Duck Creek and Claim Components
Develop asset alongside broader UK Duck Creek capability plan
Focus on functionality (e.g. front end / integration) identified by clients and on DC projects
Development of market relevant functionality e.g. Motor product for Telematics
Aligned with ASW Global Roadmap, look to harvest back into base
Identify and develop future Innovations and develop rapid proof of concepts around them
Agile development Methodology, sprint based approach
Logical Architecture (Common Components)
The end state target architecture will have full aggregator capability for quote and click through, full lifecycle capability for broker and web, and will also include telematics and enhanced data analytics capabilities.

Core Components:
Unified Front End
Duck Creek Policy
Duck Creek Claims
Integration Layer
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