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The Tunnel

No description

Ellen Choi

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Tunnel

The Tunnel The Summary Ken, a sixteen year old claustrophobic teenager has a summer job babysitting a six year old girl named Ib. However, he has a hard time relating to her. So, Ken asks Ib if she wants to go on an exploration mission (a walk). During their "adventure," they come across a tunnel where Ken had a traumatizing experience as a child. Ib enters the tunnel and Ken has a flashback of his encounters in the tunnel. Short story by Sarah Ellis The Short Story Chart Plot However, Ib does not come out of the tunnel and Ken starts to panic. Even though he is terrified, he enters the tunnel to save Ib and she tells Ken about the "girls" whom she danced and sang with. At that point, Ken remembers a similar experience in the tunnel as a kid. - Introduction: 16 year old Ken has a babysitting job with a 6 year old girl named Elizabeth, who prefers to be called Ib
- Rising action: After playing with her and her barbies, Ken decides to take her on an "exploration mission." He takes her down some train tracks that lead to a stream, then
a tunnel, which he had a traumatizing experience with.
-Climax: Ib wants to go through the tunnel with him, but Ken says he'll meet her at the other side instead. However, Ib does not come out and Ken follows her through the tunnel. Ken fears that she may have drowned.
-Falling action: Ken finds Ib and angrily, he asks her why she never responded to his calls.
-Denouement: Ib says that she was going to come back, but "they" wouldn't let her leave. She then starts to sing a two-note song that he instantaneously remembers from when he went through the tunnel as a kid. Ken would be considered a round character. When Ken was a kid, he had a bad experience in the tunnel since he suffers from claustrophobia. However, when Ib disappears in the tunnel, Ken overcomes his fears and enters the tunnel to save Ib. Therefore, Ken became more courageous throughout the story.
A Round Character A theme in this story is fear because the story revolves around the idea of having a traumatizing experience leading to personal fears. For example, in the story, Ken has been scared of the tunnel since he was a kid because it is where he heard mysterious voices and developed claustrophobia.
Another theme in this story is magic or an idea of an unexpected happening. Imagination is a big part of magic and without it, you can not see or believe in magic. Ib was able to see the "girls" in the tunnel. Ken however, could not because he has left the realm of his imagination as he grew older. Ib, on the other hand, has a big imagination which helps her to see the world in magical ways. Theme Moral #1: Symbol- The tunnel is a symbol of fear because Ken had bad memories in the tunnel as a kid and he is claustrophobic so he fears to go in to the tunnel.
#2: Imagery: When Ken was going into the tunnel, I could picture the tunnel in my mind clearly, For example, on page 372 it says,"Vines grow across the entrance to the draining pipe. I push them aside and look in. A black hole with a perfect circle of light at the end."
#3: Simile- On page 372, Ken says, "I'm big again. Huge. Like Talking Doll." which is an example of a simile because Ken is comparing himself with a talking doll using "like."
#4: Flashback- When Ken and Ib find the tunnel, Ken has a flashback to when he was a kid. He remembers that he had a traumatizing experience in the tunnel, "There I was, feet braced against the pipe, halfway through the tunnel at the darkest part." (Page 372) Literary devices The moral is connected to Ken's fear with the tunnel, as well as the fear of losing Ib. However, he learns that he needs to face his fears and goes in the tunnel to save Ib even though he is terrified, Therefore, the moral of the story is "face your fears." "The Tunnel" is a good title for this story because it is a symbol which carries important morals and themes for the story such as "face your fears," "fear," and "magic." Also the title "The Tunnel," gives the readers a clue that the story is going to revolve around a tunnel. - Ib's house - "I go over to her place at 7:30 in the morning..." (pg 373)
-The tunnel -"Ib, Ib, Ib- the tunnel throws my voice back at me." (pg 370)
-In the beginning of the story, it's a nice warm, and sunny summer morning. For the remainder of the story, which is in the tunnel, the setting is "wet and green and dangerous" as well as dark. Setting
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