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No description

Lauren Gordon

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of R5

Riker Lynch & More! Lauren Gordon Pictures!! More Pictures! And...The End <3 All About Rocky!! About Ratliff! All About Rydel!! About Ross Lynch! About Riker Lynch! Pictures? I think so! Fun Facts!! Riker Anthony Lynch was born November 8, 1991 in
Colorado. Riker is best known as a singer/songwriter,
musician, actor and a dancer. He is in the band R5 who also includes: Ross Lynch, Ellington Ratliff (who goes by his last name), Rocky Lynch and Rydel Lynch. Riker is also in the movie Glee. *When Riker was little, he began singing in stage
productions like Peter Pan and Annie Get Your Gun.
*He was a starring hit on the movie Glee.
*He played as Jeff Sterling.
*His biggest pet peeve is being woken up.
*Riker's favorite soda is orange cream.
*Riker named Rocky (his younger bro)
*Riker has to wear glasses
*Riker snores <3 How cute!! Riker Lynch! *Ross Lynch once spent three hours at a skate park!
*His favorite movies are Romeo and Juliet & Avatar.
*His favorite color is bright yellow!
*He likes old school animated movies.
*He hates when you're talking to someone and they
start txting or making/answering calls!
*He's been playing ice hockey since he was three!
*Ross's favorite pizza is Hawaiian.
*His favorite word is "awesome"
*His birthday is December 29, 1995 *His first name is Ellington but the band calls him by
his last name so that every members name starts with an
"R" and their is 5 of them. R5!
*His girlfriends name is Kelly Voosen.
*He's known as the "sarcastic one"
*He was born April 14, 1993
*He isn't related to the rest of his band members. He's
just a close friend but they consider him as family!!
*He was in "The Muppets" with his mom :o
*His favorite color is dark green. *She name her car Chubbs.
*She is a dance teacher at "The Rage" along with
brothers Riker and Rocky.
*She named her phone Sparkles and her piano Poe.
*She was in the movie "School Gyrls."
*She's really girly but a tomboy at the same time.
*She's known as the "Giggly one"
*She loves Hello Kitty :p
*Her birthday is August 9, 1993 *His full name is Rocky Mark Lynch.
*His birthday is November 1, 1994
*Him and Riker write most of the bands songs.
*He's known as a "Music Genius"
*His favorite candy is Nerds :p
*His favorite word is "sexy"
*Rocky's favorite color is lime green.
*His celebrity crush is Emma Watson (some believe
they are dating)
*He likes to rap! Pictures of the band! I think we need more pictures! R5 <3
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