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Internet Issues

We all know that the end of the world is coming, likely to be some form of zombie or intelligent robot apocalypse. Prior to the that though, what issues do we currently have when using the internet?

Cameron Bond

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Internet Issues

Internet Issues
Copyright - Each person who creates something has the right to control its production and reproduction.
Piracy: Unauthorised copying of software is known as Piracy.
Security and protection: There are laws against the creation and spread of computer viruses. Legal Issues

Work Health Safety (WHS) - Previously Occupational Health
and Safety (OH&S)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Anti-Discrimination legislation Legislation Ethical Issues
Codes of Conduct/Practice
Privacy and Security
Accuracy, Validity and Bias of Data
Changing Nature of Work and Enterprise
Equity, Access and Control
The Nature of our Society Social Issues
Rights and Responsibilities of Workers - Many employers will also outline expected behaviour of staff while accessing computers in the workplace.
Ergonomics Industrial Issues Factors to consider when setting up an ergonomic workstation From: Grover, David, John Range, Heather Knights, Eamon Gormley and Sonia Perri. Information and Software Technology: a Project Based Approach. Port Melbourne: Pearson, 2008 .

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