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The Elements of Fiction in Ray Bradbarry's There Will Come Soft Rain(Jennifer Williams)

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Jennifer Williams

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Elements of Fiction in Ray Bradbarry's There Will Come Soft Rain(Jennifer Williams)

Made By Jennifer Williams Elements of fiction
in Ray Bradbury's
"There will come Soft Rain." Plot Conflict Characters Themes Setting Point of View Enjoy the Videos and pictures There is a robot house or smart house in the process of it's normal day routine in a world were all the humans were gone. A world after a nuclear war The year 2026 at the beginning of August The fire spread to the upper floors of the house as the cleaning mice were spraying water on the fire, the got reinforcement from the attic brigade. The fire had engulfed the house the entire house by then. As the house burnt down you could hear the voices of the robots dieing while one voice says a poem as the fire goes on. After the fire is done, only one wall was still standing. As it's voice died it said the date of the new day While the sun came up. The day goes on as dog comes to the door and the house lets it in. The house was making pancakes. The dog chased its tail in a frenzy with a fire in it's eyes and then it dies. The robot cleaning mice come out and take the dead dog away to the house incinerator to dispose of it. A tree fell in through the kitchen window and kitchen chemicals fell on the stove was and a fire stated instantaneously. The light in the house flashed and house is trying to put out the fire with the remaining water supply. There is only external conflict in this story. The house is faced with natural causes. It fights agents a fire but all the water is now gone after it sprays the fire for a few minuets. The main character in the smart house itself.

The character is static sense it doesn't change because they are robots with preset programs installed. They never realize that the people in the house are dead. The story is based in a post-apocalyptic futur were all the human are gone from a nuclear war. All thats left is a chared area, people prints on flat serfaces, and a smart house unaware of the fact that there are no people. The story is told in a third-person point of view because the robots can't talk about there perspective about the time they worked. They are robots so they only work without people because they were programed to do, or say something throughout the day. desperation, emptiness, time, death, and decay
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