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Martini Platform Partners Ecosystem

An outline of the Martini universe as relevant to Sales Team.

Alexander Magnin

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Martini Platform Partners Ecosystem

Creative Martini Media Network Social Data/Targeting Data & Reach Sites/Content Video Mobile Forum Sites 6Apart brings Social Media, Conversational Media & Brand Engagement/Virality Opportunities across their Social Publishing Platforms
Partnership - co-pitch or extend buys 33across targets consumers based on social proximity - Birds of a Feather Shop Together
Social Extension of Campaigns/Custom Audience for Advertiser
Extension of Martini Channels/Audiences
~2.50CPM on Martini, $5+ on Exchange, Co-Pitch Business Data Targeting
Relevant for B2B & B2C Advertisers
Can target on Martini or our extended network
+$2.50 CPM. White-label Behavioral Data, esp. Purchase Intent
Targeting "In-Market". Conquesting, Performance
Can target on Martini or our extended network
+$2.50 CPM. White-label Ongoing Martini-owned Data
Aggregator of multiple online & offline data poo;s
Measurement, Targeting & Reporting Brand-Safe, Semi-Transparent Sitelists
Ads Targeted on Data or Context
White-Label - "Martini Network extended/targeted on X" Fullytransparent sitelists
Reach into multiple networks
Co-pitches & reciprocal relatoinship Video Content in Lifestyle, Enthusiast Hobbies
Standard Video & Custom Video Creation

Largest Video Ad Network
Transparent, Site-Level Video at Scale

iPhone App for Audio Programs
Pandora-like model: ads serve on activity

Turns mobile-accessed content mobile, creating mobile inventory across current network

Mobile Platform for Local News sites
Godengo for Mobile

Mobile App creation & distribution
Examples: MSNBC, MotorTrend, TrailRunner, GolfWeek

Custom Creative Tabbed with Social Content, Advertiser Content, Publisher Content
~$1 CPM Custom Social Creative - Ad Overlays that create urgency
+CPM Custom Lead Generation Ad-Units that entice users to submit their friend's emails as leads
Priced on # of leads generated User-customizable Brand Creative (upload your photo, etc) and Shareable Widget
$.50-$1.50 CPM
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