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environ. science

No description

sierra hardy

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of environ. science

By: Sierra & Maty Cold Desert Geographical Location Gobi Desert- in Northern China and Southern Mongolia

there are also cold deserts in ....... Peru, Chile, western USA,
Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Southwestern Africa, Western
China, and southwestern Russia Climate The average winter temperature is between -2 to 4° C and the average summer temperature is between 21-26° C.
The average annual precipitation ranges from 15-26 cm. Soil Type Terrain The area is mostly mountainous. Famous Animals Side-Bloched Lizard
Golden Mole
Saiga antelope Saiga Antelope Resources Threats to Biome The soil is heavy, silty, and salty due to being by coastal areas instead of inland areas, but mainly very rocky. critically endangered species One of the largest oil fields is in Alaska's cold desert.
Small animals to hunt and eat
edible plants Global Warming
Oil Spills Because the animals are swimming in polluted and poisonous water
Low levels of moisture
Extreme Temperatures
When there is no precip. severe flash flooding can occur Famous Plants purple saxifrage
mountain avens
wild crocus
arctic poppies
moss campion
arctic azaleas
Several types of mosses, purple saxifrage Saiga Antelope Body Facts Male head-body length: 123 - 146 cm (2)
Female head-body length: 108 - 125 cm (2)
Male shoulder height: 69 - 79 cm (2)
Female shoulder height: 57 - 73 cm (2)
Male weight: 32 - 51 kg (2)
Female weight: 21 - 41 kg (2) Theats to Biome Cont. Oil Drilling
Used as dump sites for nuclear waste
Used for nuclear testing grounds 25% of the terrain's area is covered with ice
Also covered with 15% light undergrowth A Cold Desert :) The Jerboa Isn't it cute? :D The Buttercup Flower Oil Drill
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