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The CRAAP Test

No description

Lucinda Rush

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of The CRAAP Test

R: Relevancy
Does the information meet your needs?
P: Purpose
Why does this website exist?
A: Accuracy
Is the information correct?
C: Currency
(Not Money)
A: Authority
What is the source of the information?
The CRAAP Test:
Is this resource reliable?

Are the links working?
Is the information outdated?
Is it unique?
Does it answer you questions?
Is there better information somewhere else? Does it matter?
Is it available in any other formats?
Who is the author?
What makes them an expert on this topic?

How do we know?
Is it cited?
Has it been evaluated?
Can it be verified?
Does it seem biased?
Is it timely for your topic?
How is it funded?
Is it biased?

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