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Unit 1: Population Case Studies

No description

Nicole Martin

on 25 September 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1: Population Case Studies

Dealing with Population Growth
What are some ways that countries and governments do or can attempt to control population?
Essential Question
How is population growth or decline effecting people living in India, China, Kenya & Japan?
Demographic Transition Model
Graph (DTM)
Stage 1
*Death rate keeps pace with birth rate.

*Overall population remains low.
Stage 2
*Death rate drops due to medicine.

*Birth rate remains the same.

*Population begins to rise.
Stage 3
*Exponential growth.

*Birth rate just begins to drop, but does not yet match death rate.
Stage 4
*Births approach death rate.

*Growth slows and levels off.
Stage 5
*Birth rate temporarily dips below death rate.

*Population begins to shrink.
What about us???
On a blank piece of notebook paper, please write...
1. The number of kids you think you would like to have.
2. At what age you think you would like to have your first child.
China's One Child Policy
Write down two + and two - !!!
Why do it?
China is most populous country in the world.
Do you think it worked?
Remember ethics?
Does the government have the right to tell you how many kids you can have?
Time Magazine Article
Timeline of China's One Child Policy by Laura Fitzpatrick
# Paragraphs
Main ideas
China was experiencing rapid population growth.
Leaders feared that they would not be able to feed and support all the people.
what to do?
What should China do now?
Is the government morally obligated to prevent its people from starving,running into a population crisis?
Is there a balance?
National Policy
Controlling Population with
India's Traditional Families
Population Explosion
What is causing it?
Traditional beliefs lead to large families.
Emphasis on academic education, job skills and reproductive education for women.
Can you think of any future consequences of this? Positive or negative?
Men have most control over reproduction.
Desire for sons!
Especially true in rural areas.
Gender Inequality
Strong affinity for male children.
Providing more Opportunities
Japan's Aging & Shrinking Population
Japanese Fertility Rate
1.3 children per woman
Positive & Negative?
Controlling Population
Population may be cut in half within century.
More options
Career focus
What should they do?
What interventions would you suggest to Japan, if any?
Exit Ticket
In your opinion, what is the most effective way governments can "steer" population in constructive ways?
Impacts in Population
Pyramid - 2016
What do you notice?
Infection Rates
Ministry of health is working to PREVENT new infections.
Impact of disease on population
lack of
medical care
Average prevalence of about 6%, or 1.6 million people.
Areas in the western part of the country can be as high as 25%.
Educating the public and making condoms widely available.
Making medical care widely available to prevent maternal-fetal transmission.
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