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The Wars

No description

Ashath Thasarathan

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of The Wars

"War within Families"
"War within Self"
The Wars by: Timothy Findley
Supplementary Piece
War within World
"Where, in this dark, was the world he had known? And where was he being taken to so fast there wasn’t even time to stop?" p. 46
"War within World"
“…do you think we will ever be forgiven for what we've done? They meant their generation and the war and what the war had done to civilization. Clive said something I've never forgotten. He said: I doubt we'll ever be forgiven. All I hope is- they'll remember we were human beings.” (162)
“These were not accidents – or the quiet, expected deaths of the old. These were murders. By the thousands. All your friends were … murdered. (PAUSE) I know “the bomb” is terrible… In the war you had to face it day after day – week after week – month after month – year after year” (102)
The day that Mister and Mrs Ross received the news that Robert was ‘missing in action’ Mrs Ross refused to dress. She remained in her nightgown and wandered around the house on South Drive with a bottle in one hand, a glass in the other... The sound of Mrs Ross cries to heaven rose up through her room and made her stop her ears. (184)
“… Michael went away to his training camp near Liverpool. Mother was in bad shape and she wrote to father begging him to come. This was around the time that everyone was going away. Clive would soon be gone and Lady Holman‘s son – a neighbor – went and was killed the first day he got to France. Father refused to visit us and it says here: his excuse is a dinner party Mrs Dolby – (his mistress) – wants to give … Mother wept all afternoon.” (157)
“Mister Ross, Peggy and Stuart remained inside. Peggy had almost followed, but her father had restrained her. He was afraid for his wife but knew it was neither himself nor her children that she needed. What she needed was an empty cathedral in which to rail at God.”
"Once when he thought he was lone and unobserved I saw him firing his gun in the woods at a young tree. It was a sight I’d rather not have seen. He destroyed it absolutely. Other times he would throw things down on the ground. He broke his watch that way. I don’t know why. But he had a great deal of violence inside and sometimes it emerged this way with a gesture and other times it showed in his expression when you found him sitting alone on the terrace or staring out of a window." (pg. 156)
"Robert sat on the mutilated mattress and opened his kit bag. Everything was there - including the picture of Rowena. Robert burned it in the middle of the floor. This was not an act of anger - but an act of charity." (p. 204)
"He fired. A chair fell over in his mind. He closed his eyes and opened them." (p. 68)
War within Family
War within Family
Why does Findley refer to 'war' as being pluralized even though this was only one WWI?
3. Which war would you rather face? (world, family, self)
2. What do you think is the root cause of most wars?
1. What 3 types of war is Findley referring to when pluralizes war?
Thank you for listening to our presentation
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