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Is Lechon, HEALTHY?

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Maria Fleur

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Is Lechon, HEALTHY?

Is Lechon,
But, wait!
However, the Department of Health (DOH) warned the public that eating too much of 'lechon' will lead to heart attack.
Nutritional Facts of Lechon
Ten 10 not-so-healthy foods that we love to eat.
10. Soft Drinks
9. French Fries
8. Fatty Sauces (Gravy, mayonnaise, and lemon tartar sauce)
7. Alcoholic drinks
6. Junk Food

" Too much of anything is bad". For me, it is alright to eat Lechon Baboy as long as you know how to discipline and limit yourself with the enough and right amount and of course by doing some physical activities in order to attain a balanced physical health.
Is Lechon really healthy?
We, Filipinos, are really a letchon-eater. From birthday parties, to fiestas, weddings, and a lot more. It seems like the party is lacking without lechon in the table. Do we know that Lechon can be bad in our health? Yes, we do. But it is really a tradition for us to eat Lechon since it is the usual "handa" even during folkloric times.
"If one must eat lechon, he or she must bear in mind some important dietary reminders, which include eating less pork, using a small plate when eating, including vegetables in the diet, especially those rich in carbohydrates and protein and drinking lots of water," the DOH said.
5. Half-cooked meat
4. Street foods
3. Organ innards
2. Pork Chicharon, Chicharon Bulaklak
1. Lechon Baboy, Crispy Pata, and Pata tim
Why Lechon Baboy ranks Number 1?
According to Dr. Willie T. Ong, MD, Lechon Baboy ranks number one because it is the most unhealthy food, which is the favorite of Filipinos worldwide. Why? It’s the fattiest and it’s colon cancer-causing. It’s also high in calories but very yummy.
Sources/ References:
Mananggit, Carlo G.
BS Pharmacy I
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