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Econ Project

Undersupply of merit good

richard park

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Econ Project

title Market Failure Presentation
Undersupply of Merit Goods Ricardo
Jan Jan Jan What is merit good??!?!?! - Goods or services that are
good to the individual and

- Has positive externality Externality - When a production or consompution of a good
has an unintended effect on a third party Undersupply of merit good? Social efficiency -when community surplus is maximized Real example - Subsidy on school -US federal government decided to make school bonds...

-School bond is a form of subsidy that government directly subsidizes
the issuers, or the consumers.
Real example - Sports facility What can government do? -Government produce good by itself

-Subsidize the good or service

-Subsidize the qualified consumers


-Make laws to make consumption as duty
Downside of government action -Opportunity cost

-Cost (*****)

-Minimal effect on short term

-Limited liberty

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