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Entrepreneurial Insights

Ryan Kunkel and Joe Reynolds, Red Frog Events

Celia Dubroof

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Entrepreneurial Insights

Being Goofy Celebrate food with a dining experience that is sure to expand your foodie horizons. Tour the farm, connect with local craftsmen, interact with the land and enjoy multiple courses prepared by the region’s most celebrated culinary talent. The ultimate bar crawl where you and your friends experience local bars like never before. Crawlers roam the city in outrageous costumes, enjoying exclusive drink specials and signature swag. Each Crawl is tailored to a theme that will transform your city into an epic party. An wild urban adventure. Teams solve 12 clues and complete exciting mental and physical challenges while discovering the city in a fresh way! A mud-crawling, fire leaping, extreme 5k run from hell. This intense running series is held on the most challenging and rugged terrain across the world. Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with live music, beer and Warrior helmets. This gnarly running event is held on the sandy shores where Dashers get their feet wet while tackling a series of radical obstacles. First weekend out on the town Mathletes v. Athletes Day Experimenting with office supplies Lego Conference Room 250 Mason Jar Chandelier RFE River Cruise Dave & Busters Warrior Dash Set Up We make Portos FUN! Hats, Towels, and Fans...Oh my! (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Joe Reynolds
September 15, 2007- 1st Great Urban Race 2008- Joe's trip to Red Frog Beach inspired the company name Ryan Kunkel joined in January 2009 2010
22 Great Urban Races
10 Warrior Dashes
1 Beach Palooza (Beach Dash) 2011
34 Warrior Dashes
40 Great Urban Races
6 Beach Dashes
launched Red Frog Bar Crawls 2012
49 Warrior Dashes
3 Beach Dashes
21 Great Urban Races
Launched Firefly Music festival, Dover DE
Launched Farm to Fork
150 Summer Interns, about 50 full time Puppies are welcome in our office! Sliding to work! The Fifth Floor Tree House Party Bus in Oklahoma Posing after a long day Touring the Chi city during orientation U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big: Small Business of the Year 2011
101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for
Stevie's American Business Awards: Fastest Growing Company with up to 100 employees
Golden Bridge Awards: Business Expansion of the Year
2011 Chicago Innovation Award Winner Long Beach California for Beach Dash Mammoth Cave in Kentucky Staff only, please! Shark Week Helmets Up! Firefly music festival presents a weekend music experience like never before at the East Coast's Premier Music Experience. Along with the 47 incredible bands, this music festival will also have hot air balloon rides, hammocks, camping, and much more! Any
Questions? Interns Frogs Joe & Ryan Flat Structure Joe
Serial entrepreneur (sold suburban house-painting company)
Illinois State University in 2003 with a degree in entrepreneurship
Risk taking
Master's degree in environmental health
"Smartest, kindest, and hardest working"
Complementary skill set The Team The Entrepreneurs The Resources $5,000 investment, currently growing $50 million company in just 4 years
Intellectual Property, RegistrationNation, ConstantContact
In-house graphic and website designers
Lincoln Park office to River North Street, designed by Torchia Industry boom, active events
First Mover Advantage "Pioneered a new industry"
Niche opportunity, family and active lifestyle
Competitive Premium Pricing Want to take a tour? Competition:
Tough Mudder
Color Run
Mud Run
Spartan Race

Coachella 20,000 applications per year
Decreases long-term risk of bad employees
Must fit the culture The Opportunity
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