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Brain parts and functions

Logic class presentation

no noo

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Brain parts and functions

By: Sunny, Alice & Hongda Brain parts and functions Introduction The brain is vital to our existance. It controls voluntary movements and regulates involuntary activities. Cerebrum Largest part of the human brain

Associated with thoughts and actions

Divided into four sections called lobes:
Frontal lobe
Parietal lobe
Occipital lobe
Temporal lobe Frontal lobe Location: Anterior part of Cerebrum
-Complex thoughts
-Decisions making
-STM (short term memory) Parietal lobe Location: Above occipital lobe/ behind frontal lobe
-Motor output
-Interpreting emotions
-Relating info from senses
-Body image
-Language usage
-Solving math problems Enjoy a fun video about the brain with famous lectures singing!!! Temporal lobe Location: In front of occipital lobe/ under frontal lobe
-Organizing sensory input
-Auditory perceptions
-Language and speech productions
-Forming and associating memories
What are some structures of the limbic systems in this lobe?
-Hippocampus Occipital lobe Smallest of all lobe
Location:At the back of temporal lobe
-Recognize object shapes
-Color recognition
-Visual processing Cerebellum Location: The bottom of the brain
similar to cerebrum, has 2 hemispheres and very folded surface
-Regulations and coordinates regulation
* Believe to be much older than cerebrum The limbic system Thalamus Location: Under cerebral cortex

-Take sensory info to and from cerebral cortex, to send to other systems Hypothalamus Location: Below thalamus/ above brain stem

-Control release 8 major hormones
-Body temperature
-Hunger and thirst
-Circadian rhythm Time to quiz your understanding Please separate yourself with the others

You will be given 10 minutes

Good Luck! Info re-cap activity Review Amygdala Location: Deep within temporal lobe

-Produce emotions
-Store and classify emotional charged memories
-Trigger responses such as: sweaty palms, increase heart-rate, freezing and release of stress hormones Hippocampus Location: In temporal lobe/ adjacent to amydgala

-Stores LTM(long term memory)
-Spatial navigation
-Forming new memories
-Feeling emotions
-Connect senses to memories
-Convert STM to LTM Pons Location: Anterior to the cerebellum It's a transfer center for the two brain hemispheres.
Connect Cerebral cortex to Medulla oblongata
-Exchange of information between Cerebellum and Cerebrum
-Controlling involuntary functions Medulla oblongata Location: Interior to the ponds/ anterior to the cerebellum

-Automatic functions
-Relay station for nerve signals to and from the brain Websites used Find your partners and act! Sunny: Frontal lobe
Alice: STM
Hongda: Decisions making Act out: STM
Sunny: Can I have your number?
Alice: It's 416-xxx-xxxx
Sunny: Ok
Hongda: Mine is 416-xxx-xxxx
Sunny: Oh, what was your number Alice? You have around 10 minutes to review the materials You can also check:

for a 3D model and brief summaries of brain parts and functions http://www.brainline.org/multimedia/interactive_brain/the_human_brain.html?gclid=COChtPqEjrUCFcsWMgodPXgAOQ
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