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Nathalie and Katie

No description

lib hist

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Nathalie and Katie

James M. Burt
Burt was born on July 18th ,1917 in Hinsdale, Massachusetts
he was the captain of company B 66th armored regiment
he commanded his regiment
he fought in WW2
President Harry S. Truman awarded James his medal in 1945
Rosser was born on October 24, 1929 at Columbus,Ohio
he was a corporal of the 38th Infantry Regiment

Rosser fought in the Korean War
President Harry S. Truman awarded him his medal in 1952
Burt fought in WW2 and Rosser fought in the Korean War
Burt went to military school but Rosser did not
James was a captain unlike Ross who was a Corporal
Burt mainly used tanks and Rosser used small weapons
Ronald is still alive while
James died in 2006
Burt was awarded his medal
in 1945 and Rosser in 1952
They were both in the U.S. Army
They were both awarded by President Harry S. Truman
both were awarded their medal antemortem
neither had kids
both were awarded in the 20th century
James M. Burt:
James M. Burt received his medal because of his sacrifice. During a battle, he jumped on one of his regiment's tanks and placed himself in vulnerable position, to direct the tank drivers, earning himself a wound in the face and neck, but still he fought until the enemy's weapons were knocked out. Then, when the enemy counterattacked, Burt courageously ran through 75 yards of fire in order to help a wounded infantry battalion commander.
Burt and Rosser
Nathalie and katie
Ronald E. Rosser
Ronald E. Rosser:
On January 12, 1952, Corporal Rosser was assigned to Heavy Motor Company, 38th infantry regiment in 1951. Rosser went through enemy fire several times to get more ammunition to kill over 13 soldiers. His trips weren't just for ammo, while risking his life, wounded, he went to help other wounded soldiers.
Rosser had 7 awards and Burt only had the Medal of Honor
A family enjoys dinner together on a Thursday evening*
Brian (Emma's brother): Wow mom! Thanks for dinner that was great!
Mom: Thanks Brian. So, Emma how's your Medal of Honor project going?
Emma: I started but it's so boring. I can't keep myself awake.
Dad: Well I think you should go finish.
Emma: Ugh ok.
*Emma slowly makes her way into her room to do her boring project*
Emma: This is probably the most boring thing I've ever had to do
*Emma sluggishly opened her Civics textbook*
*She starts her projects but quickly falls asleep*
*In Emma's dream she is sitting in a dimly lit diner enjoying a milkshake alone. She sees these two strangely dressed men walking into the diner together and thinks the recognizes them from her textbook. After ordering their food they come to sit with Emma. *
Burt: So, we heard that you don't enjoy the Medal of Honor topic very much.
Emma: I just don't see what's so important.
Rosser: The Medal of Honor is the most honorable award given to the military. Awarded to those soldiers who show valor, courage bravery, and so on.
Emma: Did you get one?
Burt: Yes, we both received a Medal.
Emma: How? *Sits in shock*
Burt: I'll go first. I was in WW2, captain of company B 66th armored regiment I had to jump on one of my tanks to try and direct the tank drivers, but got hit in my face and my neck. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I had to get back up and fight. We were all there shooting at all the enemy weapons then out of nowhere there was a counter attack. I didn't know what to do and while I was looking around I saw one of the battalion commanders wounded. I had to run through 75 yards of fire to go save this man. Then later on I was given the Medal by president Harry S. Truman.
Emma: I don't know what to say. That's amazing Mr. Burt! What about Mr. Rosser?
Rosser: I was in the Korean war as a corporal of the 38th infantry Regiment. I saw that my leader wounded bad so I ran over and and I thought of everything he’s said to me during my training and right them I knew exactly what I had to do. So, I helped him get to a safe spot and ran with my gun to these trenches I saw and started knocking them out. I ran out of ammo several times so I had to run back and forth to these trenches and where our “base” was at. While making these runs so many of our men were knocked out so I dragged them all over to where I thought was safe and got my ammo and got into the trenches again. I was also awarded the Medal by Truman like Mr. Burt.
Emma: You guys are so brave! Mr. Hurry and Mr. Rosser....... you guys are so amazing I don't even know what to say!
Burt: Thank you so much Emma , but I think we have to go now.
Rosser: Thank you. We’ll see you soon Emma.
*Burt and Rosser leave the diner. Emma is still in shock of what just had happened.*
*Emma wakes up from her nap and eagerly starts are Civics project*
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