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Family Structure in Iran

No description

Tristan Melton

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Family Structure in Iran

Family Structure in Iran
Supported by the law and religion
Genders generally only interact with each other
Men are supposed to support the family financially
Women expected to raise and care for the children
Men are the public face of the family, women are considered private
Women not allowed to depart from modest dress (hijab)
Symbol of oppression
Men are supposed to be emotional, but women are supposed to be cold and detached
Considered center of family
Relationship with children seen as more important as relationship with husband and wife
Parents make important decision for children (marriage, occupation, etc)
Education for children is very important
Mother protects children's reputation
Children of the marriage belong to the father
Family Values
Family is basis of social structure
Family is considered very private
Considered inappropriate to ask questions about family matters
Extended family and multiple generations live with each other
Elders kept at home, not sent to nursing homes
Loyalty and nepotism
Families tend to be small
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Gender Roles
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