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Camplight Work Flow

open company - business model + workflow

Marta Kostova

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Camplight Work Flow

Camplight is a holocratic (http://holacracy.org/) organization.

Working with such a business model grants you happiness thus increasing the overall quality(http://bit.ly/1iUdubv)
Camplight's a network of professionals doing the impossible with technology and design (http://camplight.net/#skills)
Our workflow is
Everybody works on what
they're most motivated by.
We maintain confidential communication.
We do respect the law and legal procedures.
We operate transparently with those who work with us
When a work
arrives at Camplight
Internally Client Relations search
for the best possible team in the organization
Since Camplight has only virtual office the team can be around the globe
then the team takes care of
and keeps in contact with the Client Relations for sorting out any additional details
scope estimate & planning
to the client
once the team is ready
the Client Relations sends an
The offer can be based on different types of execution:
and most of the time the price consists of the team members hour rates (there're no fixed ratios, every team member decides for himself)
dedicated team
feature based
project based
sprint based
Upon approval of the offer work can begin.

Each team has its own Team Leader, one of his tasks is to maintain quality & deadlines
Workflow model
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