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Daphnee Le

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of D-Day

Why D-Day?
D-Day happened because they were trying to get the land of France that was under Germany’s control. There was a part of France that was not under control of Germany known as free France. Everyone fought hard trying to get France back and in the end they got back Normandy.
What is D-Day?
June 6 1944 was D-day.The Germans had made the beach coastline filled with weapons, guns, obstacles and many more. Canadians were among the first into action and against terrible situations fought their way into Normandy from the Juno Beach area. The fight was the span of the summer of 1944. D- Day lasted from June 1944 to August 1944. The living conditions were bad and Germany was not going down with a fight. While fighting, the troops pushed through northern France and then moved their way into Belgium and Holland, saving people who had was in 4 years in the Nazi camps. Being successful in D- Day had many successful; there were more than 5,400 dead Canadians in Normandy.
D-Day Introduction
D-Day happened during the WW2.THe countries that were involved with the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. D-day happened because the different countries were trying to get some of France's land from Germany.
The Aftermath
After D-Day, there were man yaffects. One of the effects was that the allies now had another way that they could get into Germany. There were many deaths during this time period. Germany had no way out, they were surrounded, with Russia to the south, and Britain, America and Canadians to the south as well.
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