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Gabriel Hardy

No description

Sonia St-Martin

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Gabriel Hardy

My hero:Jordan Clark
Some people know I'm passionate about scooter,I practice it and I love it.But today I won't talk about me,I will talk about my hero,Jordan Clark.He is 17 years old.He was born on June 1,1999,in Chichester Harbour,England.Clark has a 10 year old brother named Harry,who pratices the scooter too.

Why is Jordan my hero?Because for me,he's the living proof that if you follow your dreams,they can become reality.Jordan was 12 when he started practicing scooter,and only 4 years after,at age 16,he won for the first time the World Scooter Championship.He won it another time the next year.So in 4 years of practice,Jordan became one of the best scooter riders ever born.The second reason is...it's a little Superficialbut it's because Clark rides for the scooter brand that I consider the best:Grit Scooter.The third is a classic,but it stays a very good reason to like him,Jordan has always supported all the kids who want to become professional scooter riders.Finally,whatever happens,he never gives up.He thinks that everything is possible,the only thing you have to do is to put in the effort,practice and push your limits.
This is when he did his Triple Fronflip No Hander at the Nitro World Game
Jordan did the biggest part the most dangerous world first:Double flair double whip,double flair 540,triple frontflip no hander,flair whip flat and also barwhip to lipslide down rail.In fact,the only one to have more world firsts than him is Ryan William,another scooter legend.Everytime I see Jordan Clark landing another worldfirst,that convinces me to never give up and...to follow my dreams.
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