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Zeeshan Arif

on 30 March 2014

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Robust Outreach
A robust outreach program involves:

Airing of Promos
Live Interactive Radio Show
Special Reports
Quiz Competitions and
A dynamic interactive facebook featuring content and characters from the radio series
What does a Pakistani Classroom look like?
Classroom innovations are rare.
Instructions are teacher-led.
Focussed on maximizing skill transfer–often through rote learning.
Learning is not fun and does not relate to the lives of students.
The Communicators
Yasir Chachoo
Teacher Amina
Ongoing classroom facilitation
Provision of resource materials for teachers
Provision of radios with in-built sound system, dry batteries and USB/memory card options
Community meetings in schools
Broadcasting of Programs and Rhymes
Monitoring and evaluation
Process of Bringing Radios into Classrooms
Children don’t want to go to school and if they do go to school they don’t learn much while they are there

The Solution:
Broad Class -
Listen to Learn
Learning through Interactive Radio Lessons
The Solution:
Broad Class -
Listen to Learn
Designed to improve teacher training, poor learning outcomes, limited resources and community involvement.
45 minutes daily radio broadcast of interactive lessons focused on English, Basic Math and health.
The teacher remains integral part of lesson.
During short pauses built into radio scripts, teachers and students participate by responding to questions and exercises posed by radio characters.
Medium of instruction is national and supported by regional languages.
Meet the Characters That Teach
Training of Teachers
Orientation of Education Department Officials
Signing of Letter of Understanding with the Government.
Identification, further development and adaptation of EDC content for radio.
Since the program is broadcast across the network of Power Radio 99 in Islamabad, KPK and South Punjab it is accessible to a population of 30 million people.
Impact of the Program
Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) evaluated the program and found that it has a positive impact on student learning.
The government has asked expansion of the program across all schools in the ICT region and in Haripur.
Developed standardized testing to measure learning from lessons and found improved learning outcomes in English, Math and health across age, gender, and rural or urban populations.
Decrease (average 18%) in dropout, Increased attendance and enrollment.
Enhanced teacher vocabulary, phonics and teaching style.
Improved involvement of communities in school activities and implementation of the program.
Program is implemented with Out of School Children and adopted by Low Cost Private Schools.
The "Broad  Class - Listen to Learn", has been accepted for inclusion in m-Education Alliance Symposium 2013 at Washington, D.C.
The Radio:

Making Quality Education Possible

for All Children!
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