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Trauma surgeon !!! the right one!

Yeas,this is my third attempt on trauma surgeon....ughhhh(:

Megan Ponder

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Trauma surgeon !!! the right one!

Trauma Surgeon! By: Megan Ponder(: A career in trauma is the most intense and demading job. If you just got in a car wreck and you got a concussion and also bleeding traumatically, then chances are that you'll probably be seen by a trauma surgeon! Trauma surgeons perform surguries mainly in emergencies. Also, the trauma surgeon is responsible for the basic recovery of the patient, as well as continuous evaluation. Trauma surgeons have to go through years of college to get this job. That's around 8 to 12 years! Trauma surgeons are very important because they provide you with medical help when you are in pain.Trauma surgeons have a lot of pressure on them while they are performing operations. Trauma Trauma surgeons do all types of surguries, from a sprained and bleeding ankle to a chopped off limb or a cut skull. Trauma surgeons must be familiar with a large variety of general, surgical, thoratic, and vascular procedures and must be able to make complex decisions often with little time and incomplete information. Most patients in the traumatic centers have multiple injuries including in the organs. Most Trauma surgeons earn a salary of.... Get ready for it!! The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (www.aast.org) reports trauma to be the fourth leading cause of death for every age and the leading cause for persons up to 45 years of age; it's no wonder, then, that surgeons specializing in trauma and critical care are always needed. If trauma surgeons weren't available, then many people would not be living right now. It is good to thank them for their hard work!!(: THE END(:
ily coach j(: If you got in a car wreck and got a concussion and were bleeding traumatically, then you will probably be seen by a trauma surgeon! 312, 043 dollars a year!!
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