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A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson

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Samantha Wolniakowski

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson

A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson

Early Life

- Mamie was Born in Southern Carolina and raised by her grandma
-Her mother lived in Washington D.C and her dad left the family when she was born
-Her Uncle named "Bones" taught her how to throw her first pitch everyday since it has been her passion

Baseball through the years
- First learned baseball in her own neighborhood where she earned respect from everyone in her town
-She moved to Long Branch where no baseball could be found.
-Mamie Tried softball but she did not like having to pitch underhand, she wanted a challenge.
-She then tried out for a sandlot team and showed them she belonged in baseball.
-After practicing and working hard she tried out for an all white police adult league. They gave her no respect and laughed at her, but after watching her pitch they were speechless.
Major Leagues
-One day Mamie practicing with her team when the Indianapolis clowns came to practice on their field before their big game.. The head coach Mr. Haywood was astonished by Mamie's talent, after talking to her head coach he decided to place her on the major league team.
-This accomplishment makes Mamie one of only three women to make it on a major league team!
Quote: "It Took three years, hundreds of Men, and Tons of equipment to build the new ball park. Working by word of mouth, it might take this old lady a little bit longer to rebuild Miller's Field. Until then, I am keeping my arm limber. And there is still plenty of baseball to hang my dreams on. Its all I have ever needed to get along in life. Baseball, a dream, and a strong right arm"(p.105).
~This quote is so meaningful to me because I believe it is so important for women to know that we are capable of anything. There are no boundaries if you have a dream and determination to fulfill that dream.
This truly showed the courage and determination of Mamie as she never stopped to achieve her dreams.
Information on the text

-Written By: Michelle Y. Green
-Publication company: Puffin Books
-Year of Publication: 2002
-Genre: Non- Fiction Biography
-Time setting: late 1940s early 1950s
-Culture: African American
-Theme: Courage, Perseverance , and Belief

"The Black and White ball singed the air hard and fast across the open field. It landed right where I wanted it to- in the dirt just beyond home plate. A yellow-haired player on uniform shaded her eyes toward me, then bent down to pick it up. He stood there, they all stood there, they whispered and looking right at me, no one daring to throw it back. The men saw it too. We were good, and we knew we were good"(p.46.)
-This quote shows Mamie's hard work and courage to tryout against the odds

"They say God made the world in one week. But I don't think that was his biggest miracle. It had taken me all of my seventeen years to make it to this point. It only took the good lord seven days to take me all the way from the sandlots to a front seat on the Indianapolis Clown's team bus. Me and my new teammates were heading down to south to spring training"(p.68)
Quote: "That's the way my life has been about: tearing down walls to build something better. But I did not use bulldozer or a crane. Not a jackhammer or a single stick of dynamite. I used that little three inch ball , a strong arm, and a dream of playing baseball. "(p.4).
-This quote shows her characteristic of courage and determination to achieve her goals
"I was always raised to believe that God did not make us any different, but I also knew that God must not have gotten the same message around to everyone"(p.25).
-This quote shows her characteristic of being kind to
others and believing in equality
"Once they got used to the idea, no body seemed to make a big deal of the fact that I was the only girl and the first colored to play in the Long Branch P.A.L club"(p.34).
-Mamie now is breaking the barrier making it acceptable in society for women to begin to join into sports and compete.
"Teams like the Kansas city Monarchs, the Birmingham Black Barons, and the Washington's own Homestead grays, proud colored players with strong arms, strong bats and strong hearts playing the dusty fields, just like me"(p.35-36).
" I was a peanut of a women in a man's game"(95).
"I Loved everything about baseball, but it was pitching I loved the best. Oh sure, I could run the bases faster than a jackrabbit, but nothing made me grin on the inside like pitching"(p.7).
-This quote shows her love for baseball
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