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Lush by Natasha Friend

No description

Dacaria Desseau

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Lush by Natasha Friend

Lush by Natasha Friend

Brief Summary
While at the library swapping notes with an anonymous pen pal, Sam also attracts the attention of an older boy, Drew. And she can't believe it when suddenly Drew is attracted to her. With her home life such a mess, Sam wants more than anything for this boy to like her whatever the cost, even if it means going to a party and drinking. When Sam finds herself acting like her father, she realizes that she has hit rock bottom
Character List
Samantha- hair dirty blond, green eyes, and freckles. She wears baggie clothes because she doesn't really like her body. She has a very strong personality and worries a lot about her father and even more about her little brother Luke. She doesn't trust her father. She wants to believe him when he says he is going to stop and things are going to get better, but she doesn't want to be let down when nothing changes

Character list (continued)
Charlie Parker
- Charlie is Sam's next door neighbor with curly hair. When they were younger he was her best friend. Their friendship fell apart when Sam's bra is stolen and she blames him(even though he didn't do it) In the end Sam apologizes for accusing him and they make up again.
Alexander Jessup Kelpman(A.J.K.)
-A.J.K. is Sam's secret pen pal at the library. Sam tells A.J.K all her problems and he(or she) helps to solve them. Sam confides everything in A.J.K. and at the end of the story Sam is suprised when she finds out the identity of her friend.
Angie Martillenis
-Angie is Sam's best friend. She has an older sister, Marybeth who often gets into trouble for drinking and partying with boys and lectures the four friends on girl stuff. Angie is often humorous and helps Sam with dealing with the boys in their grade.
Character List (continued)
Vanessa Barton
-Vanessa is Samantha's cheery and understanding friend. Vanessa loves romance novels and frequently makes references to her books through out the book. When Sam's other friends are mad at her, Vanessa is usually the most undersanding. Her three friends always gather at Vanessa's house every Saturday for sleepovers.
-Tracey is Samantha's third friend. She doesn't have very big part. she usually just agrees with Angie.
Molly Katz
-Molly is the most popular girl in Sam's grade. She likes to humiliate and tease other kids whenever possible. One of her targets is Sam. Molly's reputation is ruined when she farts on a date, after that she had the nickname "Molly La Pew" and her locker was toilet-papered.
Thesis & quote
Thesis- How would you feel if you were a 13-year old girl and your father, or any other family member or someone close to you, were a drunk? It adds an extra layer to everything, your family's reactions, the people you are willing to bring to your house, and the way you see yourself and the world. In "Lush",for the main character Samantha it has been going on for so long that she's almost used to it. The theme that best fit the book is love and friendship.
Quote- "What I need is an older sister type, which is where you come in. So my point is if you ever have time between high school activities to tell me what you world do in my shoes write back." ( Friend 8 ).
From these words it proves the theme because clearly Samantha has nobody to turn to, to talk about her frustrating life at home. Of course she has friends but not friends that are mature enough to understand what she is going through. So she tries her luck with a stranger she has never talked to. Samantha even says it herself that she is looking for an older sister type, basically saying that she is looking for a friend she can trust and turn to, to talk.
*I recommend this book to people who are interested in books about people who experience different problems
*I recommend this mostly to girls
*I really liked this book so read it
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