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How Many Peanuts are in a jar of peanut butter?

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Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of How Many Peanuts are in a jar of peanut butter?

Taylor Perdue

How Many Peanuts are in a jar of peanut butter?

What state has the most peanut growth?

Georgia has he most peanut growth topping out at 1,863,000 in 2003,1,817,800 in 2004,and 2,152,500 in 2005.
How many peanuts make up a jar of peanet butter?
Where peanuts used to help people?
540 peanuts in a 12 ounce peanut jar, In a large mega jar (40 ounce) there are over 1,800 peanuts.
Medicine Flower
In the late 1880's a St.Louis doctor was facing a complicated problem. His patients were ill from protein malnutrition it prevented them from eating meats.So the doctor roasted peanuts and crushed the peanuts and added peanut oil. He gave it to his patient and after awhile the patient was able to get better.
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