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No description

Cynthia Zazueta

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of England

Employment- Laws & Regulations

-Rich in different natural Resources.

- 50/50 unemployment will fall in 2015

- low interest rates

- Economic freedom score making them 13th freest in 2015 Index

W- No working average of 8 hours
Culture/Population Statistics
S- 5 days a week-28 pay than last year
T- Health problems
O-Specific paid during maternity

S - Education System is one of the most developed in the world with leading universities educating business leaders in Business and Management Schools.

S- The country is divided
into three terms of governance.

W-There has been no government after 1707.
O- England provides many benefits.
T- Loss of government money from providing benefits.
We wouldn't their
Economy sucks M8.
Would we expand into England?...
T - Discussion topics to avoid
"The monarchy and the Royal Family"
W - Education is not a very high stranded in England

O -The United Kingdom’s economic freedom score is 75.8, making its economy the 13th freest in the 2015 Index.

Julio P. , Cynthia Z., Janeth C. , & Jo G.

Period: 3
Here is our map
of England!

Don't get too excited now!
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