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SpringBoard Activity 3.13

No description

Robert Carlisle

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of SpringBoard Activity 3.13

Okonkwo's Violent Acts and Consequences
1. While at public gatherings, observances of rites, or festivals, Okonkwo often commits acts of violence that ruin the occasion and generate public disapproval. Review Part 1 and complete the graphic organizer below to identify Okonkwo's violent acts and their consequences.
Consider Okonkwo's acts of violence throughout the course of the novel so far. Explain how the actions of this complex character advance the plot or develop the theme.
Quick Plan
You should use 3 post-it notes per violent act to highlight quotes and provide notes for your analysis and interpretation.

1st Post-it = Explanation/analysis of 1st quote

2nd Post-it = Explanation/analysis of 2nd quote

3rd Post -it = Your "Interpretation," notes on why these two examples are significant to your argument

Writing Prompt
Image by Tom Mooring
Thesis Statement
SpringBoard Activity 3.13
Acts of Violence

Graphic Organizer
Remember, we need to include a TAG statement and answer the questions being asked in the writing prompt:
Violent Acts
1.Beating his wife during the Week of Peace
2. Killing Ikemefuna
3. Killing Ezeudu's son by accident
1. He is chastised by the priest, has to make reparations, and the community sees him as a man who does not respect the gods.
2. He distances himself from his son Nwoye and is criticized by the clan elders and Obierika
3. He is exiled from the clan and loses everything he has worked for.
Okonkwo's violent tendencies...
Week of Peace
Review pages 29 - 31

Which two quotations would best develop and support your argument?
Sacrifice of Ikemefuna
Review pages 60 - 62

Which two quotations would best develop and support your argument?
Killing of Ezeudu's Son
Review pages 123 - 125

Which two quotations would best develop and support your argument?
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