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Context Clues

Students will use context clues to determine meaning of words.

Eva Cervantes

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Context Clues

Sometimes, we as readers come across words that we don’t know. We need to be able to understand the words we read!
Authors might use unfamiliar vocabulary words.

Context Clues
Look at the other words and sentences in the paragraph.
Often, there are hints or clues to help us understand.
This hint or clue is called a .... CONTEXT CLUE!
What to do?
Context clues are words around the unknown word, and the information that makes up the rest of the paragraph.
Many times, we can find signal words that indicate that a context clue might be near.
How to find 'em...
Restatement or Synonym Clue
Example Clue
Contrast or Antonym Clue
Definition Clue
Types of Context Clues
Predict a definition for each type of context clue.
With your shoulder partner...
Words or phrases that explain the meaning of the word in another way.
Signal words: in other words, these are, or
Restatement or Synonym Clue
Gives us an example of the unknown word.
Signal words: for example, such as, in that, especially
Example Clue
When we travel, we always look for comfortable accommodations, such as a beach cottage, hotel suite, or mountain cabin.
Contrast or Antonym Clue
Words or phrases that tell the opposite of the unknown word.
Signal words: but, not, in contrast, on the other hand, however, still, although, some... but others.
Knowledge is a remedy for many
environmental problems, but knowledge cannot fix the
problems without action.
The definition of the unknown word is given within the paragraph.
Signals: a comma or dash, or, that is.
Definition Clue
The beach’s tranquility, that is its peaceful feeling, made it the perfect vacation spot.
On your index card, write a sentence using a context clue.
Label the type of clue you used ON THE BACK.
With your face partner, see if you can guess the types of clues.
Turn in as your ticket out the door.
The dried rose was as fragile, or delicate, as a butterfly's wing.
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