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Emergency Preparedness

Educating Boston residents about individual and family preparedness.

Christina M.

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Emergency Preparedness

One step at a time Preparing Yourself: Preparedness isn't something to keep to yourself.
Pass along these tips to everyone you know and love. Create a Plan STEP #1: Make a Kit Step #2: Get Involved... Step #4: Be Informed Step #3: Step #5: Disasters can strike at any time and range from inconvenient... Let's face it, emergencies happen to devastating. Monitor situations that may impact the City
Coordinate response with public safety agencies
Distribute information about emergency situations
Educate residents about emergency preparedness through ReadyBoston What we do for the City I'm too busy. Barriers to Preparedness And they're scary to think about! Emergencies aren't fun. But let's get prepared one step at a time... In 1991 a category 2 hurricane, named Bob, hit Boston causing $1 billion dollars worth of damage. 20 Years later a tornado touched down in Springfield, MA causing $140 million worth of damage! Or like that little black out in the Back Bay in March 2012. Creating a family communication plan is important. It puts vital information in one place so everyone is on the same page. You can write out your plan or use the City of Boston Family Planner to help guide your planning. Teach your kids the basics like:
How to call for help
Important phone numbers
Emergency contact person All preparedness plans are not equal. Some of us have unique needs to consider:
medications And we can't forget about our furry, scaled, or feathered family members don't forget to include your pets in planning. PASS IT ALONG! Since we're on the shore, it's easy to think we're immune to tornadoes BUT during the summer of 2012, Boston had TWO tornado watches. This funnel cloud began forming right outside the city. Luckily the storm went out to sea before causing any damage. Like snowstorms. (or Nor'easters as we call them.) Two types of emergency kits to make:
household emergency kit
go-bag A go-bag is used when evacuating. A household emergency kit is used when sheltering-in-place. toiletries
flashlight & batteries
first aid kit radio
supplies for kids or pets
water Items you should include in your emergency kits are: Stay updated with emergency notifications from the City through ALERTBOSTON Be ready on-the-go by identifying I-C-E contacts in your phone Join community programs! Thanks for watching our presentation.
To learn more about emergency preparedness follow any, or all, of these links!
Visit us! http://www.cityofboston.gov/readyboston
Like us! http://www.facebook.com/readybostonma
Follow us! http://www.twitter.com/ready_boston Blizzard of 1978 35 years later- Blizzard of 2013 I can't afford supplies. I can't prepare for everything. My smalls steps don't matter. I can always get what I need. Nothing that bad will happen here.
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