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The Devil And Tom Walker

No description

Alexis Weatherby

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Devil And Tom Walker

The Devil And Tom Walker
Washington Irving

Figurative Language & descriptive diction
Simile: "which ran out like a peninsula into the deep bosom of the swamp."
Imagery: "thickly wooded swamp.....," "black smothering mud," "meagre misery fellow,"
Ambiguity - When Tom's wife, all he finds his her liver and her heart which makes the reader question what really happen to her, or the first time Tom and the devil spoke the reader never knows what they actually talked about. It builds suspense and mystery.
"Forlorn" - pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.
"Treacherous" - guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.
"swarthy" - dark-skinned
"dingy" - gloomy or drab
"begrimed" - blackened with ingrained dirt
Characteristics of Romanticism
1. First paragraph when it establishes the setting. "thickly wooded swamp or morass. On one side of this inlet is a beautiful dark grove; on the opposite side the land rises abruptly from the water's edge into a high ridge, on which grow a few scattered oaks of great age and immense size..."
This is the love of nature
and the time of the Puritan beliefs.
2. When the devil presents himself. "I am the wild huntsman in some countries.. the black miner.. red man.." This shows the
supernatural and the paranormal
. It appeals to the idea of emotional desires rather than reason.
3. "great sums of money buried by Kidd the pirate," and "Tom Walkers reach" reveal Tom's imagination because it's his problems that him and his wife are having and the Devil is giving him the answers. The romantic element portrayed is his
love for his reputation to continue his legacy and the imagination that the devil could fix his problems.

4. "This very night," which is when Tom gives into the greed that caused his wife's death. The love for greed changed his focus.
Plot Diagram
He met the devil in the woods, told his wife about the deal , and she went off to find the devil. Tom went looking for his wife and found only her liver and heart.
Rising action
Tom made the deal with the devil and became a usurer. He was trying to be alart so he started carrying a bible around with him.
The devil comes for tom and then he dies because the bible wasn't able to save him.
Falling action
Tom's house took fire and burned to the ground, and his horses were turned into two skeletons. Tom's gold and silver turned to chips and shavings.
Tom wanted the money that he was making from the devil but didn't want to be damned because he made the deal with the devil. For example, he carried around a bible.
Tom walker still haunts the forest to this day.
Verbal Irony
"The devil take me if i have made a farthing."
Pseudonyms - Each word is the same as Devil.
"Old Scratch"
"Black man"
"Black minor"
"Black woodsmen"
Trees are symbols of the people who on the outside were beautiful and seemed perfect but on the inside they were "rotten" and dying. They did a evil deed to get to the top.
The indian fort is a symbol of hell.
The bible under his mortgage papers means he values money over his religion.
Literary Devices, POV, themes, tone & syntax
- When tom goes through the woods, he chooses the shortest passage which foreshadows him choosing the fastest route to the money, by making a bargain with the devil.

This story is
3rd person point of view.

The themes present are
because when his wife is alive he will not do the deal but once she is dead he agrees to it. He becomes rich but because of his greed he still cheats people out of their money. He never feeds his horses either. There is almost a
theme because he says he wouldn't do the slave trade yet he is having the poor people make his money for him which is like slavery. The theme of evil is present as well.

of this story is would be eerie or a dark intimidating feeling.

Syntax would be stuffy language, sophisticated words, and mocks "preachy" words.
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