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APSU Course Revitalization Projects 2012

No description

Gray Kane

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of APSU Course Revitalization Projects 2012

Revitalization for Academic Success Initiative
(RASI) funding provided by the Title III Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Affairs Dr. Tim Winters, Chair
Pat Perdew, Chair
Dr. Daniel Frederick
Dr. Larry Lowrance
Dr. William Rayburn
Dr. David Snyder
Dr. Blair Thornton Senate RASI
Committee APSU 1000 Liberal Arts in University Life Christina Chester-Fangman
Gina Garber CHEM 1010/1011 Chemistry: Society and the Environment Dr. Meagan K. Mann ENGL 2030 Traditions in World Literature Dr. Dwonna Goldstone
Dr. Dan Shea MATH 1420 Structure of Mathematical Systems II Dr. Ann Assad
Dr. Jackie Vogel
Ashley Whitehead
Dr. Andy Wilson MATH 1710 College Algebra Bonnie Hodge
Dr. Samuel Jator
Dr. Nell Rayburn PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy Dr. Jordy Rocheleau SPAN 1010/1020 Elementary Spanish Dr. Miguel Ruiz
Dr. Osvaldo Di Paolo Key Points of the APSU 1000 Proposal

Camtasia Videos
RefWorks Bibliographic System in D2L emphasizes information literacy
provides active-learning opportunities
facilitates diverse learning styles
targets historically difficult areas for students
provides immediate feedback Key Point of the CHEM 1010/1011 Proposal

all new lecture- and math-based lab activities improves connection between lecture and lab
provides more thorough review of math for non-traditional students
emphasizes problem-solving skills Key Points of the ENGL 2030 Proposal

Hybrid Format
In-Class Activities on Inductive and Deductive Reasoning improves course flexibility for students with complicated schedules
assists student comprehension outside of class
reserves class time for higher-order thinking skills Key Point of the MATH 1420 Proposal

Students further develop journals initiated in a prerequisite course. decreases perception of disposible knowledge
increases opportunity for critical reflection
facilitates metacognitive development Key Points of the MATH 1710 Proposal

online homework system
small group work to replace one hour of lecture immediate feedback
social learning opportunities
active learning opportunities both in and out of class Key Points of the PHIL 1030 Proposal

popular movies to illustrate course concepts
a new textbook that connects course concepts to movies connects course concepts to students' lives
creates shared cultural references to improve classroom community
increases student engagement Key Points of the SPAN 1010/1020 Proposal

more individual tutoring
exercises customized to each student's needs individualized attention
increased faculty-student contact
customized instructional materials and activities PSY 3100: Developmental Psychology Dr. Paul Nicodemus Key Points of the PSY 3100 Proposal

D2L Discussion Board
online lab with videos, electronic flashcards, and other digital resources
videos embedded in lectures
weekly tests assists student learning outside of the classroom
divides course into concepts instead of chapters
helps students visualize abstract concepts
allocates class time for in-depth discussions
provides immediate feedback
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