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Visual Page 1 - TIBO 2013

No description

John Cooper

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Visual Page 1 - TIBO 2013

Why? How? What? bundance sia utomation A A A Q's 1) Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2) Can a computer do it faster?
3) Is what I'm offering in demand in an age of abundance? Every course has an expiration date... Techniques for
Identifying Business Opportunities
2013 Business
Administration Inspire to Innovate 1st/2nd Semester Forming Entrepreneurial Leaders Application &
Implementation 7th/8th Semester Preincubacion Innovation
Certificate 5th/6th Semester Exploration 9th Semester (By Selection) i Social Entrepreneurs Application &
Implementation 7th/8th Semester 20% Define Discover Develop Demonstrate Business Ideas The Whole New Mind Design Story Empathy Symphony Play Meaning Develop the 6 Senses of the Conceptual Age Innovation Tools SCAMPER Exploring where trends cluster & intersect Ageing Population Ecological Consumer BoP Exploration of Growth Markets & Exponential Technologies 6Thinking Hats JTBD Scope
Opportunity Refine Business
with Innovation Tools Refine & select
business idea Does the business idea have potential? Substutute
Put to other purposes
Rearrange/Reverse Leverage Brain Power Brutethink Lotus Blossom Explore Define Discover Develop Demonstrate E-D4 Methodology (Growth Markets) (Framing) (Creativity & Innovation Tools) Classroom Presentations
Online presentations
Rocket Pitches Ideas build on ideas Two simple rules in the class...

1) Accept every idea and build on it
2) Yes, and... Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Discrete Elements Linked Elements Organized Information Applied
Knowledge We search data well We search wisdom terribly Instead of searching web pages...
what about searching minds? If we want to create industry changing ideas
we need to search the future... How do we search what is about to be? Weighing was easy, but
how do we measure an
irregularly shaped object? Density = mass / volume End of the story... Why was it, that this clever guy, who knew
about a problem in geometry was unable to solve it before? The question had not been asked in a concise
organised way. By asking great questions we no longer search for data and web pages, we start exploring minds By asking great questions, you don´t just search for
what people know, but what they are about to invent If you want to change the future and create industry changing business models...

You need to start asking great questions! Questions and stories The quality of our questions
determines the quality
of our answers... See the world as a wonderland of opportunity and be optimistic about the future Understand that the world in which we live is dynamic. Your personal success will depend on your ability to comprehend the increasing complexity and make sense of it. Understand that innovation and creativity are social activities. The lone genius is a myth. Understand that innovation and creativity are a blend of art & science. We will focus on both, with a bias on developing right brain abilities, leading to whole brain thinking. To embrace change; rather than fear it Understand that success is the result of a persons ability to persevere through failure Identify opportunities in any institution, anywhere in the world to create value Know what value is and how to create it Quick, personal introduction... Activities for next class...
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