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Biathlon Poster

Middle School

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Biathlon

Biathlon History Biathlon was not a sport in the Olympics until 1960 (for men) It started as a way to get food in 2000 BC The first championships were in 1958 First women’s event in Olympic were in 1992 Biathlon comes from the Greek words for two tests How it works and Physical Requirements You need to be fast at cross country skiing You need to be accurate at rifle shooting You ski into shooting range and put down ski poles, then fire 5 shots into metal plates 50 m away Plate is 45mm in prone position Plate is 115mm standing Different Types ski 20 kilometers (male) 15 kilometers (female)
ski 5 time in 4 km (male) or 3 km (female) loop shooting 4 times between each if target missed, extra 1 min added to time start every 30 sec Individual start Sprint Every 30 sec women 7.5 km (3 laps 2.5) men 10 (3 laps 3.3) stop twice to shoot five targets 150 m penalty loop for each shot missed Relay 4 person team skiing 7.5 km men 6 km women leg tagging next person at end. Each ski 3 legs stop 2 times at shooting range 3 extra bullets ski 150 m penalty loop for every missed shot Mass start women ski 12.5 km men 15km top 30 start together stop 4 times at shooting range 150 m penalty loop for each missed shot first to cross finish line is winner The End. Thank You. Pictures A man cross country skiing. if you look closely, you can see a rifle slung on his back. A rifle. The biathlon rifles need to be light. If you look here, you can see the bullet cartriges > | - - - Even the stock is light < - - - - - If you look at his back, you can see his rifle. A shooting range. You can see the athletes shooting. Skiis. Ski poles. .. ._ hi
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